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Complete remake and reimagination of the Leviathan Sprint animations. Both a no requirement replacer version and a "Conditional Armor Type Animations" version are provided.

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Wrapping up the sheathed locomotion part of Leviathan II with this complete remake of my first sprint animation mod, the heavy armor oriented Leviathan Animations - Sprint.
This can be installed either as a simple replacer with no requirements, or as a "Conditional Armor Type Animations" addon which can be used alongside other CATA addons to change the actors' animations depending on their armor type, both versions will affect both the player character and NPCs.


Version 2.0:

N.B: The slight footstep sound desync seen in the video was fixed in version 2.1+.
The armors seen in the video are Wind Ruler Armor SE and Lunar Guard Armor.


  • None if using the main file version, not even FNIS/Nemesis.



  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim SE 'Data' folder.

Special thanks

Huge thanks to Kars for his rig!

Daniel Ceballos - McNuttington - Peble268 - Gilead - YouLiekThait - Quinn - Raion - NotSoWiseGuy - Athena, Mother of the Institute - Prerit Srivastava - Urukage - Mura Casardis - Shaquille Martin - Lone Artist - Imperator Wilhelm - Scatteredsoul21 - Dre G Writer - Vendasia x666x - Anreme - Plooper - GoldLuminance - Elianora - David Chamois - KMHTech - Rio Grande - CSR Ghost - KKopstoot - Raven Dyer - KokuenDG - Bryan Bennett - Cvsedcandy - Claptain Cheeks

And everyone whose kind words and constructive feedback help me keep improving!

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