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Replacer .esl w/ fixes for Pulcharmsolis' dope ass Armors of the Velothi Pt2

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I don't like crashing.

Finished up w/ Dildol— I mean DynDOLOD and all the bells and whistles, just to test around Windhelm and get consistent crashes pointing at Velothi and Traitors Post. Looking at the .esl, it looks like the traitors post boss and several npcs were straight deleted from their worldspace placement. The boss npc record was replaced w/ one from Velothi (therefore that form ID would work in the world placement as it was), but the placed npc was deleted along w/ 3 npcs. A seperate new boss (using the same vanilla boss npc form ID record) and several npcs were placed in similar positions.

So what I did was undelete the vanilla boss and NPC placement, and instead just straight replaced them w/ the new Velothi NPCs placed closest to their vanilla counterparts. So no more deleted placements, everyone's accounted for. Hoping this also fixes any issues folks were having w/ radiant quests and Traitor's Post in general. I tested again, no more crashes, and killed everyo-- err,  cleared the camp fine.

SHOULD BE STATED: This likely works best on a new game. The original plug-in has deleted vanilla NPC's. This does not, but it removes a few of the NEWLY placed NPC's And instead switches them in for the vanilla NPCs. I generally wouldn’t recommend tweaks that remove records mid game

EDIT: Reporting from more than one user mention that this mod fixed issues they were experiencing with Traitor’s Post on an existing save immediately. Likely safe to use on an existing save. That being said, the above message still stands: best not to tweak/delete records mid-game if you can help it.

Thanks again to Pulcharmsolis for an amazing mod. Nords ain't drippin' like them Morrowind boys