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A town mod which makes Karthwasten look like it actually exports silver, is wealthy, and alive within the world.

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Karthwasten - Let The Silver Flow
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Ainethach is the 'mayor' of Karthwasten he owns the two mines which are the primary income and the reason the settlement exists. Upon arrival of the player, you see some Silver-blood heavies trying to force Ainethach to give his lands to the family, this can be achieved through money or force. The only other quest has you searching the area for 'Sybil of Dibella'. Apart from radiant quests that's all you get from the area.

This mod aims to make the settlement look more healthy has it contributes a lot of wealth to The Reach with its silver, yet you don't see any real evidence that trade exists or that the people benefit from it. Its not much, but the town doesn't need a overhaul or expansion. It is what it is. A settlement with not much to do, but now it will just look better.

There was also The 'Karthwasten Massacre' which took place during the troubles within The Reach. Stormcloaks killed their own within the town but very little else is known about the event within the game.

My Changes

- Karthwasten Hall has been given an upgrade, you will find Ainethach's possessions to be of much more noble taste with silver goblets and fine meats, you will also see his profits from the mines and his ledger to keep up with his accounts. The exterior has been decorated and the seating area now has more of a communal dining area to treat workers.

- Mena lives at Enmon's House and spents 24/7 doing nothing because her daughter is missing (boohoo). Not anymore! She now farms the expanded area in front of the house and has a purpose, theres also a silo for grain storage and more animals. She will still moan a lot though. The top deck on the outside of the house has been connected to the floor, looked weird.

- The town now has carts of silver ingots and ore ready to be shipped to Markarth, you will see more lying around as well.
- A watch tower has been erected but following lore, the Silver-Bloods have halted guard patrols so you won't see any guards unless through the CW events.
- A storehouse lies in front of the town which is an abandoned residence, picklocking will find you lots of clutter and maybe some silver to steal.
- The tree is larger to create a centre piece.
- A graveyard has been erected for the victims of the Karthwasten Massacre.
- The scene you see upon entering the area has been moved so that Ainethach is on the porch of his house, gives him more importance and looks nice with the new furnishings.

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