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Some fixes for vanilla hairstyles. No esp. Compatibility with Expressive Facegen Morphs.

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Vanilla hairstyles are far from perfect, but they have their own certain charm (don't laugh too much xD).

The purpose of these small fixes is to eliminate some of the most obvious problems, but without fanaticism - these are still vanilla hairstyles, such as we are used to seeing them.

In addition, these fixes improve compatibility with the Expressive Facegen Morphs mod by Niroku. At the same time, EFM is not a hard or recommended requirement. Fixes are suitable both for vanilla facegen morphs and Expressive Facegen Morphs.

Has been changed (see screenshots for clarity):
  • Added a black vertex color mask to the hair garter elements (where it was missing) to prevent them from being covered by the hairtint color;
  • UV tweaks;
  • skinning fix (khajiit female hair01);
  • clipping fixes (mostly for elven races);
  • skinpartition hair and hairlong slots fix (female hair14);
  • weight morph files (neck and shoulder area) are adjusted in accordance with the changes in cases where the geometry was changed.

  • Not relevant for high poly head mods;
  • Not compatible with mods that editing the same files;
  • Partially compatible with Vanilla hair remake by jg1. Great mod, by the way.
  • Does not affect NPCs. You can use Creation Kit 64 to generate facegen files.

Optional update (The main file was not updated):
Added fixes for hair transparency when using ENB. Can be used without ENB. Contains esp. Two fix options, you only need to choose one. The first one is relevant only for the game character - it adds new hairstyles to the game similar to vanilla ones, but with a fix in transparency.
The second option will replace the in-game hairstyles and add new headparts (hairlines) to them. This will affect NPCs, so you will need to generate new facegens for them, this is a mandatory requirement, otherwise their faces will turn dark.
For a player character, if he is already using a hairstyle without a transparency fix, you must enter and exit from racemenu for the change to take effect (showracemenu in console).
See more details under the spoiler.

Safe to install and uninstall at any time. There is no ESP, just file replacements.