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Adoption-friendly home near Riften with no loading doors, optional space for 6 kids and 3-6 followers, and custom displays for all unique items.

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The house is located in a hidden valley just south of Riften - the property is accessed through a mountain pass.


     - No loading doors and see-through windows in the main house

     - The kids room can be changed into a guest room for 3 followers by clicking on the wall basket just inside the door

     - Dining room table sets different meals at 11am and 5pm (that's the time adopted children will sit down to eat)

     - Both fireplaces and the outdoor fire pit can be toggled on and off by clicking on the nearby firewood piles

     - Bathtub (with auto-strip for followers)

     - All vanilla crafting stations, plus an oven and a chopping block

     - Disenchanting font - crafted items placed in the font will be stripped of any player-added enchantments and smithing upgrades

     - Tons of storage - some custom, some generic

     - 17 planting soils (5 in the alchemy area and 12 in the garden)

     - 8 bookshelves

     - All shrines

     - Guest house with beds for 3 followers

     - A gazebo, because it's awesome

     - Armory with space to display all vanilla weapon and armor sets

     - Gallery with custom displays for all unique items, with a separate area for all the Thieve's Guild loot

     - All lights turn on at night and off during the day

     - All doors close automatically

     - Cleaned with SSEEdit


     - You will need Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to move your spouse and kids into the house - be sure to cast the "Bless Home" spell first!

     - The automatic lights may take 24 hours to activate properly

     - The armory and galllery are both hidden away (the gallery behind the cabinet in the living room and the armory trapdoor under a rug in the
       backyard shed), so you never have to see them if you don't want to

     - The display activators in the gallery were either pulled from or created based off of those in skyrimlazz's Displays - Dragon Claw and others
        resource.  As noted on his mod's page, weapons and armor will lose their smithing upgrades when put in a display, so maybe don't put them in
        here until you're done using them.

     - The gallery is set up for the way I wanted to display my collection.  Some unique weapons and armor are meant for specific mannequins and
       weapon racks and therefore don't have activators.  Of course you can put your stuff wherever you like, but I've included a text file as an optional
       download if you'd like to see how everything fits

Big thank you to Askarie for the video review!


     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     M3rvin (for the light switch script and tutorial)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)
     jet4571 (for the new and improved resource kit)
     XunAmarox  (for the disenchanting font script)
     CD Projekt