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Uncompressed voices for Daedric princes (Better audio quality)

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SSE High Quality Voices is back, and fully completed. This mod is no longer necessary and will be deleted soon.

High Quality Voices for the Deadric Princes

This mod will increase the quality of the Daedric princes voices, by replacing the compressed vanilla files with new ones, with an increased bitrate. The new audio files are made in same way of my other mod SSE High Quality Music, using records from the PS4 version (which has a perfect audio quality, compared to PC and Xbox One).

The mod will add uncompressed voices files for :

Clavicus Vile
Hermaeus Mora
Mehrunes Dagon
Molag Bal

There is also an optional file containing samples to compare between vanilla and mod.


Installation :

- Installation with Nexus Mod Manager.
- For manual install, extract the archive and place the "sound" folder in the Data folder of the game.

- This mod can be installed/uninstalled at any stage of the game safely.

Compatibility :

There's no ESP file, just voices in loose files. The mod is completely compatible with any mod re-using vanilla voices. It can be used with the original version of Skyrim (Oldrim).



To Bethesda, for the game and its assets, and all voices actors who made an awesome work on Skyrim.

To the modding community, for sharing all your awesome work and your support.

This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by ZeniMax or its affiliates. This mod is Nexus exclusive and shouldn't be reuploaded/reused anywhere.