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Aims to enhance Meeko.

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Improved Meeko

Simple mod that aims to make Meeko a useful companion. No scripts.


- Set to essential
- Boosted health (100 -> 190) and stamina (65 -> 145), just like the hireable vanilla Dawnguard huskies Bran and Sceolang.
- Level cap: 81
- Won't affect stealth
- Perks: Stealth Rank 5, Light Foot and Silence
- Sneak skill went from 72 to 100
- Behavior: Unagressive (won't attack unless the player does or when attacked).


The changes mentioned above are applied to all versions. Choose only one!

  • Better Meeko: kept as a common dog.
  • Better Meeko - Unarmored husky: turns him into an unarmored Dawnguard husky.
  • Better Meeko - Armored husky: turns him into an armored Dawnguard husky.


Drop the .esp into your "\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder. To remove, deactivate the mod and then delete the .esp.


Q: Meeko keeps dying.
A: You probably met him before installing the mod. Open the console, click and type: setessential 000D95E9 1

Q: I can't dismiss him.
A: Open the console and type: set playeranimalcount to 0


Version 1.1
- Added missing perk ranks; increased sneak to 100; cleaned unnecessary masters.
- Normal dog and Unarmored husky versions: fixed base health and stamina values. Now should be 190 and 145, respectively.

- The stats will be recalculated once you level up (open the skills menu).
- Normal dog version: as a side effect, Vigilance will probably get the boosted health/stamina/sneak values since I had to edit the

Recommended mods

Better Dogs - Silence - saves your sanity by shutting up the incessant barking.

* Feel free to edit, redistribute or do whatever you want. No permission or credits needed. *