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A unique, outdoor, closed down tavern you can use as a player home.

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So this is a weird Elvin styled tavern i made.... its very atmospheric. i dare you to say otherwise! its got hot spring pools and fresh waterfalls. it has steam vents and booze, it has crafting stations and a lantern lit path, what else could a Dovah ask for?

 you can fast travel straight to the locations. or you can just go find them using the screenshots.

oh and you may need to disable borders in the skyrim.ini located in your "documents/mygames/skyrim special edition" to be able to walk to the house

just change bBorderRegionsEnabled from 1 to 0


the Inn has been closed down and boarded up because the tavern/Inn keeper was a Talos worshiper

theres also a tree stump house im working on, it just sort of happened. its not finished but i wanted to put this house up and they are in the same file so its going up too.