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Some patches for Tailoring Workbench by Mrwhitepantz.

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One Tailoring Workbench patch collection to rule them all!

This FOMOD includes the following:

Satchel Workaround
The crafting recipe to make a tailoring workbench in the first place includes the "satchel" as an ingredient, but in order to make a satchel, you have to have a tailoring workbench. This patch solves that problem by making satchels craftable at the tanning rack as well.

Wet and Cold Craftable Gear Compatibility Patch
All Wet and Cold gear is crafted at the tailoring workbench now instead of the forge.

Colovian Noble Clothes Compatibility Patch
Crafting recipes mimic fancier clothes recipes from the base Tailoring Workbench mod: 2 linen, 4 tundra cotton, and 1 leather strip.

Imperial Fine Clothes Compatibility Patch
Crafting recipes mimic fancier clothes recipes from the base Tailoring Workbench mod: 2 linen, 4 tundra cotton, and 1 leather strip. I did not include the "vampire" versions that come with Fortify Conjuration and Destruction enchantments. They use the CoCYR_NobleClothes03 variant (purple and black), so you can make the robes and then enchant them separately. Because it's more *switches to MxR voice* immersive.

Common Clothes Compatibility Patch
Crafting recipes for the various clothing types match recipes for similar items in the base mod. This mod does not cover the "and Armors" part of the Common Clothes and Armors mod, as it is more logical for these armors to be crafted at the forge and tanning rack as usual.

Future plans include adding patches for other clothing crafting recipes and creating clothing crafting recipes for mods that lack them. I am open to suggestions, so please feel free to leave a post. I'd also like to make a tailoring "workbench" variant using a sewing basket model for those who would prefer that to the big crafting table.

All mods are ESL-flagged so they won't take up space in your load order. Please endorse Tailoring Workbench and the other mods before installing this mod. 100% of all donations go to Doctors Without Borders.