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The Elder Scrolls Tomes aims to bring back many spells from previous The Elder Scrolls titles as well as expand many of the lacking spell variants within Skyrim.

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The Elder Scrolls Tomes is a spell package project that aims to recreate spells from previous The Elder Scrolls titles-Morrowind and Oblivion-and expand on the existing spell classes within the V installment, Skyrim, that lack variety. This package, as of version 1.5.2, contains a little over 100 spells that stay 100% true to the lore of The Elder Scrolls; most which were recreated and brought into Skyrim from previous games and a few created by me that expand on its spell groups. Certain spells use Skyrim's visual effects while others use custom-made graphics created from vanilla assets-which I have contemplated on extensively to make sure they fit the game's art style. All in all, sticking to the lore of the game is my forte and the permanent goal of this project.

A Few Spells...


  • burden  | slows the target by 15%
  • oakflesh other | casts 40 points of magical armor on a target
  • slowfall |caster takes reduced fall damage
  • open novice lock | caster can unlock any novice lock


  • conjure skeleton | conjure a weak skeleton
  • conjure skeleton bowman | conjure a skeleton bowman
  • mark and recall | two individual spells, places mark or recalls caster
  • conjure shade | conjure a shade
  • soul siphon | absorb 10 points of each attribute from a target

  • burning touch | inflict 15 points of fire damage on touch
  • cold touch | inflict 15 points of frost damage on touch
  • shocking touch | inflict 15 points of shock damage on touch

  • soothe | creatures and people up to level 6 won’t fight on touch
  • fright | creatures and people up to level 6 flee on touch
  • night eye | caster is able to see in the dark


  • dispel | dispels all magic effects from caster
  • salve self | heals 5 points per second for 15 seconds
  • poison | poison target for 10 points per second
  • infect life | weak disease that does 2 points of damage per second

Listing over 100 spells would really clutter this description page. Instead of overfilling it, explore the world of Skyrim and find the rest of the spells during your playthrough.

  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


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