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Simple Little Buddies offers 2 custom voiced creature followers to join you on your travels!

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Simple Little Buddies brings you two followers that will scuttle around your feet!
They do not fight, they are too small. But they will keep you company and hold your stuff!
They all have unique custom voices that speak when spoken to so you won't get annoyed by them!

Riverwood Thiccen
Name: Lady Featherington
Location: Riverwood
History: Folks in town say she was a gift to Camilla from some lovesick fool. Now the poor thing sits outside on the porch.
Voice: Kerstyn Unger

Fungal Familiar
Name: Poyo
Location: Anise's Cabin
History: Anise's familiar, maybe... A servant of vile Hagravens! Though it may be feeble and top heavy, it is proof witches are bad!
Voice: Kerstyn Unger

            VOICE SHOWCASE!

Where are they? 
Look above in the colored text area!

What do they sound like?
Watch the video here in the description or click this link!

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