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Modifies the weight of firewood to 0.5

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Worried about weight? Is your Dragonborn lamenting their lumbago? Maybe you need to get some Light Weight Wood!

This tiny file, made in xEdit, simply alters the weight of firewood from 5 to 0.5. This is mostly to benefit Campfire users, but may also be helpful to budding lumberjacks, local loggers and various arrow crafters.

But Vixsyn, you say, surely firewood is heavier than that! You are WRONG with your firewood weight! This is not immersive or lore friendly!

Well my friends, there are two ways we can approach this:

1. You are probably right, although it's not actually clear what sort of wood we're chopping - is it a hard wood, a soft wood, have these logs been dried or do they have extra water weight? The process of drying wood can reduce the weight dramatically, can be affected by local atmosphere and humidity, even by the way the wood is stored and stacked. Here is some science. Also, you can chop wood all over Skyrim but the surrounding trees vary dramatically, as does their density, the rate at which they absorb water and dry out, and how they react to the environment. Wood is an interesting and surprisingly complex material.

2. Maybe they're compressed. Maybe they're enchanted. Maybe it doesn't matter and you're sick of getting overencumbered because you needed to chop up some wood to prevent yourself from freezing to death next time you tripped over a rock next to the shore of Winterhold.

Your usual mod manager method!


Download, unzip, place .esp in data folder, profit.

I can't see why uninstalling would break your game. Uninstalling midplaythrough shouldn't cause world ending issues. But it's a Bethesda game, so... well y'know.

This will obviously be incompatible with other mods that alter the weight of firewood. Don't panic. Whichever is lower in your load order will take precedence. Just don't come crying to me if you put this above a weightless overhaul and suddenly your wood all weighs nothing (but really, why would you do that? You either want it to weigh less, more, or nothing. Don't confuse the issue! )

xEdit by ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team

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My stuff is very simple. Use it. Or don't. Knock yourself out (Vixsyn claims no responsibility for people taking colloquialisms literally and sustaining personal injury).

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