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This Starfield-themed mod decreases travel time to main quest objectives with a teleportation spell, accounting for the current quest stage. It also adds an ending to the game, which can be dark or something else, depending on your choice of MCM options.

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Update: This mod has been featured on three different gaming websites. Refer to the "Recognitions" section for links. 
Update v2: Version 2 is out, adding an ending to the mod and game. You can edit the MCM menu options to survive this ending if you want to continue with your playthrough.



Have you ever started a new playthrough in Skyrim and wanted to move through the main quest more quickly? Perhaps you never finished the game and want to move forward to where you were, or maybe you want to unlock shouts before playing through some other mods. This mod is an act of love that makes it easier to move through the main quest. After picking up a crystal on Farengar's table in Dragonsreach (screenshot), you will gain the ability to teleport to the next stage of the main quest, expediting your enjoyment. Note that the mod does not skip the main quest but brings you exactly where you need to go to move along with it.

For those looking for a more lore-friendly mod, I have added an MCM menu (available through SkyUI) that permits you to turn off voice lines on picking up the crystal and when casting the spell. 

Version 2 of the mod adds an ending to the game after finishing your conversations with dragons after beating Alduin in MQ306. By default, the ending is dark and your character dies. You can make it the opposite by going to the MCM menu and turning on "survive final quest". You can make it funny by also turning off voice lines.



Similarly to my Quantum Lockpicks mod, I made this experience Starfield-themed. On picking up the crystal, you are put into contact with your team in orbit, who gives a rundown on how the spell works, including *not* returning to where you teleported from, for sanity's sake ;) Inspiration for this unique teleportation quirk came from Dan Simmon's science fiction novel Ilium.



Thank you to the writers of these articles!

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I have done a full main quest test of the mod, and I fixed any issues that came up. If you experience issues, leave a comment, and I will fix it. I will not be extending the functions of this mod to side content, at least not yet, as it is not consistent with the theme I am going for, which is an orbital team trying to get their explorer to hurry up so they can explore the next planet.


Planned Updates:

1. Add a "modder" mode, allowing modders to teleport through each stage of quests (rather than having to do the busy work in the main quest) to speed up testing.