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Completely exterior home near Solitude. See-through windows, room for 6 kids & 8 followers, bath, solarium, armory and gallery with displays for all unique items.

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Harbourside Manor

Harbourside Manor is a completely exterior home located just across the water from the Solitude Sawmill, with beautiful views of the harbour and Solitude arch.  The property can be purchased for 50,000 gold by clicking on the "for sale" sign near the door.


  • Large see-through windows

  • Children's room with space for 6 kids

  • Room for 5 followers in the main house, and a guest house with space for 4 additional followers

  • Bathtub with fountain

  • Solarium with potted plants and 7 planting soils

  • Tons of storage, some custom/named and some generic

  • All vanilla crafting stations, plus an oven and a chopping block

  • Disenchanting font that can remove player-added enchants and smithing upgrades

  • Stable

  • Chicken coop with 2 chickens

  • Armory with enough space to display all vanilla armor and weapon sets

  • Gallery with displays for all unique items

  • Dock with a rowboat that will allow you to travel between the manor, Solitude Sawmill and Solitude Docks

  • Automatic lights turn on at night and off during the day (the lights may take up to 24 hours to activate the  first time)

  • All fireplaces can be toggled on/off by clicking on their firewood piles

  • Dining table can be set or cleared by clicking on the food platter in the dining room

  • Master bed pillows can be toggled on/off by clicking on the basket in the bedroom

  • Compatible with Frostfall - you will not freeze or get wet inside the house

  • Compatible with SFO and Verdant - there shouldn't be any grass-clipping issues

  • Cleaned with SSEEdit

Mods used in screenshots:  Dolomite Weathers, ELFX, SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB, SMIM, Skyrim HD2K Textures, SFO, Verdant and everything by Gamwich


     Thank you to Wyllowynd for testing!  :)
     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     M3rvin (for the light switch script and tutorial)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)
     jasperthegnome  (for the static-switching script and tutorial)
     berticus0001 (for the For Sale sign and tutorial)
     jet4571 (for the new and improved resource kit)
     XunAmarox  (for the disenchanting font script)
     kelretu (for the awesome greenhouse meshes)
     TESA Skyrim Resource Kit
     CD Projekt