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Simple lore-friendly retexture of Elven equipment.

Permissions and credits
This is just a reupload of one of my favorite mods in Skyrim.

Original page here.

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Original Description:


This mod was just a simple retexture project that only took me about an hour
to kick out. I am not a fan of gold, never have been. I've met a few
like-minded people in my life, so when I got around to retexturing the
elven armor to a more ethereal silverish-blue color, I figured I may as
well share it.

I have included the textures for every peice of elven equipment that is currently available, including weapons. The
texture resolutions are all double their original size to emphasize
fidelity. I will create a lower resolution variant if there is demand
for it.

Currently, only the Elven Cuirass is 2048x2048 resolution. The rest of the gear was half resolution natively. They are
now 1024x1024 resolution.


To Install these textures:

1. Unpack the .rar into your Skyrim/ directory.
2. Select yes if a permission box pops up to overwrite any other elven armor texture files that may be floating around.

To Uninstall just delete the files pertinent to this mod.


Known Issues: None so far. I can't fathom one that would arise. It's all fairly straight-forward

- I'll likely have other texture mods in the future, be sure to keep an eye out.

- I do not need credit or mention. Do with these textures whatever you see fit.