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This is just a collection of a few bugs I have investigated.
All patches are easily mergeable via wrye bash.

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Here are a few fixes that I have come up with.
Do not bug the original author about any issue you have with my files.

I should have description of what is observed, what the problem is, a description of what I believe is going on, my solution or fix, and the last one is the retroactive fix.
The retroactive fix may require that you be under some specific condition to be able to use it. If you do not meet this, you're going to have to try to meet those conditions. If they cannot be met, I cannot help you. Ideally, you should load a save from prior to encountering these bugs by some event, like walking through a door or starting a scene.

Items Fixed in 2.2:

  OUTDATED Falskaar - FSFF02 Quest Fix:
    Observation: The misc quest "Travel from Skyrim to Falskaar via Wulf's boat" will persist in the quest journal, even after completing the action.
    Problem: The quest stops prematurely.
    Description: I believe that Stop() isn't supposed to be on fragment 0 in script fskr_qf_fsff02_01183280 right after the new objective is displayed.
    Solution: Remove the Stop() line from the script and recompile.
    Retroactive Fix: Type "SetObjectiveCompleted FSFF02 2 1" into the console.

  OUTDATED Falskaar - FSMQ06 Stop Fix:
    Observation: None.
    Problem: Quest continues to run after FSMQ07 is running.
    Description: in stage 5 of FSMQ07, FSMQ06 is supposed to stop but never does. This was because the var was still none.
    Solution: Add the missing properties back into the quest's VMAD that were lost in the ported version.
    Retroactive Fix: If "Lost Knowledge" is completed, type "stopquest FSMQ06" in the console

  OUTDATED Falskaar - FSMQ09 Startup Fix:
    Observation: Quest line doesn't continue after the guard are killed.
    Problem: "The Heart of the Gods" wouldn't start properly.
    Description: The quest would fail to start because the alias' were unable to be filled.
    Solution: Flags a few quest aliases that failed to be filled as "Allow Reserved".
    Retroactive Fix: If "Returning the Favor" was completed... If you left the keep, type "coc FSUnnvaldrKeep" into the console. Type "StartQuest FSMQ09" and then "SetStage FSMQ09 5" into the console. After which, wait 1 hour, 3 times and try to leave. If you can't leave, there may be a problem.