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Adds a small Dawnguard-themed fort near Wintherhold.

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"If you take the road from Windhelm to Winterhold you'll see it, a derelict fort bearing the tattered banner of the Dawnguard. Personally, I've always found the place creepy but it got worse recently : travelers are spreading tales of strange lights at night and of shattering screams coming from inside the Keep. Rumors say that the place has been cursed by the Divines and that the only person that could claim this fort for himself is the one that would free Brynjar the Fallen from his curse. The Fallen allegedly haunts Dimhollow Crypt, where the corrupted Commander of the Dawnguard met his end at the hands of powerful Vampire Lords"

- Nothing -
Designs of the Nords - More Swanky Banner Options 
- You might want to try the "clean" Dawnguard banner if you use DOTN. -
Whistling Mine
- Compatible with Arthmoor's mod and a nice addition if you feel lonely. -

Short version
This mod adds a small fort and a conjuration spell that you can acquire by doing a small quest.
Long Version
This mods features a small fort that you can own by doing a very little quest. I tried to keep the player home itself pretty simple, no fancy sorting script or grandiose decoration ; and while Brynjar's Keep is companion-friendly, it is not designed as a place for your family to leave in. The place is fully equipped with all the crafting stations ( including the Staff Altar from Dragonborn and a smelter ) and with a sufficient number of containers, mannequins and weapons racks for you to use. At the end of the quest you'll have the possibility to learn an expert spell that lets you summon Brynjar himself to help you in your adventures. 
You should also know that the location is pretty dangerous : wolves, bandits, you can even see dragons ( fortunately, they are too far to attack you ). I personally don't use fast-travel so that's not a problem for me but if you want to you can do it from inside the fort so you won't be bothered by the aggressive wildlife.

With NMM
2. Launch Nexus mod manage, select "Brynjar's Keep - A Dawnguard Outpost" and click on "Actives the selected mod"
3. Make sure the box next to "Dawnguard Outpost" is checked.
1. Click on "download manually".
2. Unpack the archive using Winrar or 7zip
3. Copy/Paste the content of the "Data" folder into "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" ( or your custom installation folder )
4. Launch Skyrim, click on "Mods" and make sure "Dawnguard Outpost" is checked.

Thanks to :
- MrDanSG1 for his Modder Display Compendium
- The TES5Edit Team for making TES5Edit
- Todd Howard for being Todd Howard