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SkyTEST Settings is a simple mod that tweaks and also adds new stuff.

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SkyTEST - Settings

**This mod is a PC Exclusive... and is strictly forbidden to use this mod in consoles.**

Dear Nexus Moderators, if i am somehow breaking a rule, please give me a warning or send me a PM instead of just instant ban, i am always willing to correct humbly any wrong doing.

Many thanks to everyone who has Endorsed, Voted, Giften Steam Games or given small Donations, who ever you guys are, thank you all!! 

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This is basically a compilation of many of the most awesome Tweaks of Mods around the Nexus in a single esp.

* Free Camera while MiningOre (Don't enter Mining with 1st Person Camera, it has no animation)

* Free Camera while Woodchopping (Same as above)

* Added Recipe for Crafting WoodAxe

* Added Recipe for Crafting PickAxe

* Added Recipe for Crafting LockPick

* Fixed distant Jump sound for NPCs

* Mannequins will stay in place.

* Allowed a max of 6 arrows attached to actors.

* AI Allowed Actors in Combat has been increased from 100.

* Arrow Recovery chance has been increased by 20% 

* Actors will now Sandbox also on higher floors.

* Actors will now Ragdoll as soon as they die, instead of spinning before death.

* Added Craftable Left Hand rings variation of all existing non enchanted Rings, they can also be found as loot.

* Arrows Speed has been increased by 20%

* Wind in Trees has been increased by 40%

* Children can now be killed and will Only use special children furniture (preventing them for enlarging themselves)

* Dawnbreaker damage has been increased by 20%

* NPC's and Creatures will stop Dodging left/right Matrix Style when shot with Projectiles (they were even able to do this before spotting you! BS!)

* Player and NPC speed while Sneak, Walk and Run has been tweaked to be a little bit more realistic.

* Altars Blessing will last 24 hours instead of 8.

* Expanded the Cooking Recipes (Added Flour, HoneyJar, MilkJug, WaterFlagon, Butter and more)

* Most Container Barrels can now be destroyed by hitting them (i left some as default as they were tagged as NoRespawn)

* Merchants will have more Gold as the Player levels up.

* Dead Bodies by NPC and Creatures should now have Collision.

* Increased value of Silver Misc Items.

* Increased chances of Actors fleeing when their Health is low.

* Increased the Value of Nirnroots to double.

* Cells and Actors will respawn every 7 days.

* NPC's will only randomly talk to you if you are close enough to them, no more random chat from far.

* Magicka Regeneration while ON COMBAT has been doubled.

* Force applied when killed by arrows has been reduced, to give it a more realistic feel.

* Increased the value of the Animal Pelts and Tusks, so its now worth going out to hunt.

* Increased Valude of Gold & Silver Ingots.

* Followers will now move away from you if they are blocking your path.

* Increase the value of the Troll Skull.

* Set Female Nord race height to 1 (too tall for my taste)

* Reduced melee force applied when dead.

* Enhanced killmoves, now you will have a 100% chance of doing a kill move ON THE LAST ENEMY WITHING A GROUP.

Version History

Check the ChangeLog in the "CHANGES" tab.


Unrar files inside data folder which is located inside main skyrim folder.


Delete SkyTEST-Settings.esp 

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