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Restores one of cut features of Nordic UI - character creation interface

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Many of you probably wondered - "Hey, i did checked that box with RaceMenu (Vanilla) on it during installation of NordicUI! Why is my character creation panel still vanilla?". Well, that's because install of Nordic UI doesn't have this file. Sort of. Game is supposed to try and read interface/racesex_menu.swf file for this interface. What Nordic UI have in it's install is interface/exported/racesex_menu.gfx, which is basically a work-in-progress type of file that has to be "converted" to swf. Okay, not converted. It just needs it's extension changed to be swf. Listen here, these files are weird, okay? Anyway - what you have to do on your install to have this panel is to just change the extension and move it out of "exported" folder into "interface" folder. Easy peasy. Then why am i greedy asshole who uploads it as a second mod instead of just creating reddit post about it? Because i believe that putting it into that folder was a concious decision of a cutting content, not a simple mistake. The file looked like it wasn't really finished. There were some ugly overlaps between parts of interface, sliders were bit misaligned, position of said sliders wasn't really centered... anyway it looked off. So i tried my best to fix it. Didn't checked it on any widescreen resolutions because well i have only *my* resolution at hand, so don't get angry at me if it doesn't work. 

But here it is. Have fun.

PS. In case some of you are wondering - i can't really create patch between Nordic UI and RaceMenu. It's tremendous amount of work and these files tend to get broken easily. And as with Extra Slots for Vladimir UI (Witcher 3) i would probably have to essentially recreate entire mod just with Nordic UI. I'm not that crazy.