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A nicely organized and coherent system to organize your Skyrim mods in MO2. Uses improvised "sub-folders" for a nicer structure, and to isolate relevant file conflicts. Made for very large load orders.

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I love organization, and it has taken me a very long time to figure out the best way to organize all of my mods using MO2's separators. These separators are (I believe) the best way to incorporate MO2's separators in a way that makes sense, is easy to use, and easy to find conflicting mods. I've shared them in the hopes that others also find them as useful as I do.

MO2 does not support sub-folder structures for separators, so I have made "header" separators that basically act the same way. Instead of coloring every single separator like some others have, I only color-coded the header separators. This is to make better use of MO2's built-in conflict resolution, but also because:

If everything is highlighted, then nothing is highlighted.
- My third grade teacher that once threw a desk at a child.


Simply extract the archive into your MO2 installation folder and let it overwrite.

The included modlist.txt WILL OVERWRITE your current modlist.txt. For this reason, I do not recommend installing these separators on an already-established modlist (unless you really like dragging files around). Use at your own discretion
// HOW TO USE //

The way I've set these folders up is how I've learned to organize my mods after several years of modding my game and reading tutorials.

Simply put your mods in the appropriate folders, and re-order depending on how you like them to overwrite each other. I've organized the separators in such a way to minimize re-structuring any separators themselves. However, if you feel the need to re-organize or re-name any of the separators, you are more than welcome to do so.

For help with organizing your plugins, I highly recommend using this MO2 tool followed by LOOT.



A lot of the ideas behind these separators were heavily inspired by Highly Detailed MO2 Separators by XilaMonstrr.
Please check out her mods.