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Isadore is a Custom Voiced follower who comments on quests, areas, weather, and much more. He has 900 or more lines of dialog, and He can be found Inside Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern.

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A Male Bosmer Companion
a Custom Voiced follower who comments on Quests, Areas, Weather, and much more.

He can be found Inside Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern

LE version here:
Isadore LE

About Isadore:
Isadore is a rare Bosmer with horns. He's soft-spoken and has a deep, raspy voice. He grew up mostly by himself and his mother. His father was always away from home usually. Isadore grew up in Cyrodiil and knew nothing of Valenwood. Only that he can sometimes feel like animals can communicate with him. Often he even hears the voice of trees calling out or whispering in the wind.
Isadore wanted to become a mercenary but found that he was not too interested in coins. Instead, he became an adventurer and travelled to Skyrim by himself. He wants to see all of Tamriel one day and slowly, so he can enjoy it all.
His personality is a bit disconnected, and he finds himself feeling sad and lost in thoughts. When you ask him what he was thinking about, he comes out of his daydream not remembering what he was thinking about. He's torn by what he's been told of Valenwood and what the world he lives in accepts, and believes, all leading to confusion in his mind. He's moody and a bit gloomy, but still finds a bit of odd dry humor in the most unexpected places. His timing is also very odd with what he says. He's honest and will say what he wants freely.
Isadore Strongly dislikes murder, but is okay with stealing.
He has more than 1000 lines of dialog at the moment and I do plan on some
modded new lands comments, but those are a long way away


- Uses a Custom Framework He is not on Vanilla Framework
- A Morality has been added where Isadore will get angry at the player and disagree with your choices.
(This is not an approval system yet)
- You can ask him to forgive you or tell him to leave your player home.
- Romance included and marriage as well. (He's on vanilla system for marriage)
- Uses Magic Dual-Swords and Frost Magicka.  He has a custom sword spell that he can launch at enemies.
-  Is very small standing at 0.95 in-game height. He's at the Oblivion height of a male Bosmer
-  Has a horse that appears in the distance when the player gets on their horse.
-  includes a spell book inside Isadore's inventory which teaches a
summoning spell much like Inigo's spell, just point and he appears.
now includes 2 other characters for your Heartfire homes.

their story will be expanded upon.
Look For Tezya in the Winterhold Jail: The Chill
Isaerion is a story character: you need to progress the story
and choose wisely because each choice will make a difference.

Modded NPC interactions:
  • (more planned later)

Vanilla Interactions:
  • Sven
  • Mjoll
  • Lydia (possibly doesn't work, it's a known issue)
  • Faendal
  • Farengar Secret Fire
  • Serana (Vanilla Version)

For more updates:

Big thank you to:
Idrinth and his community also for huge support and interaction with his follower.
Shahariel for helping me with lore, story ideas and helping with grammar and spelling.
 for interactions with Bowen
JospehRussell for his youtube tutorials and his great follower mod. A big inspiration for me to make a follower mod
Smartbluecat For Inigo who inspired me and many others to create follower mods.
Deck16 This site helped a lot to learn many things about creating a follower mod
Skyrim MW for tutorials on follower frameworks
UESPWIki A must-have for all things Elder Scrolls lore
Creation Kit Wiki for scripts and many things regarding CK
Thanks to Arcane University and Idrinth's discord.
Thanks to all who have come around to check out Isadore

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