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A couple of small mods, bundled up in one. Carriage drivers will randomly comment on the weather, their day, etc. as you walk by. Also, horse armor dialogue is now voiced with generic responses instead of silent lines, which also fixes the (...) bug if you're having it. No CC requirements.

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Small mod bundle I made for myself some time ago. June this year to be precise. I kinda forgot about it, same as Daenerys kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet. Now it's back with a vengeance while I work on a couple of bigger, juicier projects.

  • Main feature: Carriage Drivers will now speak while you walk nearby. They might sing to themselves, they might complain about the weather, the current city they're stationed at, call to you as a potential customer, among other things. Better than being robots for sure. Also, actively speaking to a carriage driver before you discover a city (in your map) might give you some cool new welcoming dialogue.

  • Secondary feature: In the original CC content, all the stable options are not voiced. Now they are... with generic lines, but better than silent ones.

  • Fix for "downgraded" users: Mod "fixes" the missing horse armor DLC dialogue if you happen to have downgraded your game. You will recognize this as the [...] weird dialogue that blacksmith and stable masters have as an option when talking to them. You know... the "LOOKUP FAILED" bug. This can be fixed in a couple other ways, but why not include it in here. If you haven't downgraded, no worries, the mod still works.

  • OPTIONAL: If you have the Wild Horses CC, same applies, the dialogue from the stablemaster is not voiced. Now it is. This is an optional download, as it does require the Wild Horses CC plugin installed.

Quick Showcase of the Mod in Action

〜Andrew, Ares, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm, Red Nick, Vesku〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

I don't have the horse armor content. Can I install this?
Yes, the main download doesn't have any CC requirements. 

I didn't use the downgrader, do I need the stable dialogue fix?
You don't need it, but it won't hurt anything and it will give those silent dialogue options some (generic but better than silent) voiced responses. It's already merged into the main download too.

Why include this so called fix here?
Not everyone is aware of how to fix the [...] issue with the strings. The fix doesn't hurt anything, it works for both downgraded and not downgraded users and it comes with added voiced responses, so why not throw it in here.

ESL? Can I install mid-game? Is this compatible with X? 
Yes, yes, and very likely yes. Also compatible with CC Horse Armor - No Blacksmith, no patches needed.

This mod is now included in

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