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Higher poly Swamp Fungal Pods, glow-mapped, optional ENB lights, 8 different variations distributed with a 12.5% chance using powerofthree's Base Object Swapper.

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Alternate toned down version, for those that don't want their Morthal swamps looking like a bush rave. This version has very dim ENB lights (optional file for no ENB lights is available) new leaves and more natural colors. Still glow mapped, but no funky design on this one. 3 colors only in this version.

Higher poly fungal pods, still not the best shape possible but they're supposed to be gross anyway. Glow maps, optional ENB lights, 8 different variations distributed with a 12.5% random chance using po3's Base Object Swapper. Thank you as always to VanNuys22 for showing me tricks I never knew and scouring the internet for free PNG's of leaves with me. If you feel the ENB lights are too bright, you can grab the optional file that removes the ENB glow and keeps the glow maps. The results are much more subtle but still funky. 

Should be compatible with everything as long as the fungal pods aren't being swapped by another BOS mod, or the EditorID of FloraSwampFungalPod01 isn't being changed by another mod. Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul patch available, it's for the ingredient since it has to be replaced through the ESP (which is ESL flagged) and makes the ingredient stats match CACO if you have it. Load after anything changing fungal pods so that the ingredient displays properly in inventory. 
I am using PRT XII with the Next-Gen Photorealistic Graphics preset, along with NAT Weather and ELFX. This could look drastically different in your lighting set up.  

VanNuys22 for helping me when I get stuck. Rudy102 for the particle light effect. powerofthree for Base Object Swapper.