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The Elite Knight mod SE edition , adds the Elite Knight armor from Dark Souls for male characters as well as a matching sword, a shield and a two handed weapon from the series.

Permissions and credits
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Adds a set of heavy armor for male characters , two weapons and a shield from the Dark Souls series. You can find them inside the Whiterun Catacombs which is part of the Hall of the Dead of the city of Whiterun.
If you are still confused as to where it is click here

Alternatively there's an optional file with which you can craft all the pieces with the steel smithing perk.

I have changed a few things from the original mod. Now the armor is not a single piece but instead it's seperated into gauntlets , boots and cuirass with their own proper inventory icon and world model.

I have also removed the description from the equipment as it was not lore friendly and didn't allow the user to enchant certain items.

The armor is also temperable ( upgradeable ) with steel ingots.
Same goes for the weapons.

Its armor rating is about the same of that of the steel plate armor

It comes with 2 types of helmets.

The first one is closed , more protective and hides most of your character's face whereas the second one is semi open a tiny bit less protective and you can cleary see the face of your character.

Check the "Images" tab for reference.

Installation Instructions

With a mod manager :

Click the "Download with manager button" in the files tab and activate it in the mod manager of your choice. Ensure that EliteKnightArmor.esp is checked in your load order. 

Manual Installation :

Click "Download Manually" and unzip the archive with Winrar or 7zip e.t.c in your Data folder located at:
x:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition or wherever you installed the game
where x is your drive ( most likely C: )

How to uninstall

With a mod manager : 

Deactivate the mod in your preferred mod manager

Manually :

Delete EliteKnightArmor.esp , EliteKnightArmor.bsa and EliteKnightArmor - Textures.bsa

Load order and compatability

Place it anywhere in your load order. I would recommend somewhere in the mid to higher part of your load order. Should be compatitable with virtually everything.

You can safely install/uninstall mid playthrough.

Recommended mods :

I highly recommend using Bandolier - Bags and Pouches.

It is a fantastic mod and many of the items that come with it fit great with this armor , further enchancing the adventurous look and feel of the armor.

Known issues

-There's no weight slider support
-Type 2 Helmet clips on beast races
-The gloves when dropped don't behave properly  
-When equipping the torso only without footwear you will get an invisible gap between the feet and the thigh

I tried to fix said issues ( which i believe were already part of the original mod ) but unfortunately i couldn't. If anyone has any idea as to how to correct those problems please contact me.

For the gloves i don't have the proper tools to make them work perfectly when dropped.

Do not contact the original author for any issues of this port.

Credits and Permissions

All credits for the initial mod go to Azraille. For his credits check the "PERMS" tab at the top.
You are free to do retextures however but don't provide anything else but the new textures.

If you need to use this armor in your mod contact him first and if you need to use part of this port PM me.
If i don't answer in 2 weeks time feel free to use it provided once again you have permission from Azraille.

~ Feel free to add any pictures of your characters in this armor ! ~