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Adds patches saying "Полиция" or "Милиция" to every piece of hold guard armour.

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Goes great with my shield mod

This is a project I started back in October of 2022, as part of my larger project to "turn Skyrim into Russia", AKA adding as many Russian insignia, heraldry and other minor visuals as I can.
Courtesy of Paint.NET, Wikimedia and various military surplus sites.

The Imperial guards are Police, and Stormcloak Guards are the Militsiya.
Apologies in advance to anyone who might be offended by my choice.

I encourage everyone of every nationality to make similar mods with your own national symbols! It would be a good way of personalising your game, and making it more fun/silly!

This mod is NOT a political statement.
I've learned my lesson: comments aimed at stirring up discourse WILL be deleted. If you decide to post this kind of comment, I may block you from interacting with my content.
I love my country, and I thought it would be kind of funny/silly to add these kinds of things in the game.


This work is not an object of copyright according to article 1259 of Book IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation No. 230-FZ of December 18, 2006.
Shall not be objects of copyright:
  • official documents of state government agencies and local government agencies of municipal formations, including laws, other legal texts, judicial decisions, other materials of legislative, administrative and judicial character, official documents of international organizations, as well as their official translations;
  • state symbols and signs (flags, emblems, orders, any forms of money, and the like), as well as symbols and signs of municipal formations;
  • works of folk art (folklore), which don't have specific authors;
  • news reports on events and facts, which have a purely informational character (daily news reports, television programs, transportation schedules, and the like).