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davebaughman based on the work of Haxokron Icecreamassassin Somethingobscure and Kris Takahashi

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This mod integrates the minerals from The Gemstone Collector: Mystic Legacy into Legacy of the Dragonborn.

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I like Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD). I like The Gemstone Collector: Mystic Legacy (TGSC). LOTD includes within it an tailored version of an earlier build of TGSC. This is a good thing, but it can cause some issues when you run both mods together. For example, seemingly-identical minerals don't always fit on their designated shelf because behind the scenes, the ones from TGSC are not natively supported by LOTD (it expects to see its own internal versions). 

This patch harmonizes LOTD and TGSC by redirecting LOTD's native mineral references to the original TGSC versions. To maintain game balance and ease of acquisition, none of the LOTD object references are removed - they're just remapped to the base object definitions from TGSC*. Likewise, the relevant form lists are all updated to look to TGSC's objects.

* Older versions of TGSC resulted in duplication of objects when used with LOTD. However, as TGSC has developed, these gems and minerals were moved and no longer, to my knowledge, duplicate any of LOTD's treasures.

Install the mod using your mod manager of choice (I recommend Mod Organizer 2). You must always activate "DBM_TGSC_Only_Patch.esp". The two other files, for Obscure's College of Winterhold and Interesting NPCs, should load after their respective LOTD patches.

Most of this mod's edits are self-contained to LOTD and should pose minimal compatibility issues.

The LOTD patch for Kaidan 2 needs patching for one record, but at this time I cannot distribute modifications to Kaidan 2 per that mod's permissions. I have reached out to the author for permission. In the meanwhile, you can DIY this patch by going to record FExxx87E in the DBM_Kaidan_Patch.esp file and change GemOpal to TGSCGem072OpalWhite. You will need to add TGSC to the patch as a master before SSEEdit allows you to make this change.