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This mod is intended for people who feel the game is way too easy

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SkyTEST - Harder Creatures

Dear Nexus Moderators, if i am somehow breaking a rule, please give me a warning or send me a PM instead of just instant ban, i am always willing to correct humbly any wrong doing.

Many thanks to everyone who has Endorsed, Voted, Giften Steam Games or given small Donations, who ever you guys are, thank you all!! 

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This rather simple mod that is intended for people who feel the Creatures are too Wimpy. Changes range between increased Creature Race & Size, Health, Tweaked AI and Hunting Ai Packages to give them a Tougher Feel. Some Creatures have vanilla never used animation attacks that stagger or knock you back, Player will no longer be able to Hack/Slash their way just standing like a brick and letting those huge amounts of health and armor soak out damage against dangerous and huge monsters, you will need to rethink the way you play.

* 100% Compatible with HeartFire/DawnGuard/DragonBorn.

* 100% Lore Friendly and immersive, the mod feels like its has always been part of Vanilla Skyrim.

* No DLC´s required.

* No Save Game Bloat, since every single feature was accomplished without scripts.

* Can be Uninstalled at any given time without causing issues to your save game.

* Bigger Trolls, Giants, Attronach, Dwarven Centurions and other races.

* Tweaked Starting health for most races.

* Varied Regular Damage Resist Boost Depending on Creature Race.

* Trolls have a fear of Fire and receive twice the damage from Fire.

* Frostbite Spiders, Chaurus and other lesser monsters will fear equipped Torches.

* Most Creatures and Lesser Monsters will flee in Terror when a Dragon Appears.

* Giants, Trolls, Werewolves, Daedra Attronach, Vampires, Daedra Dremora, Frostbite Spiders, Chaurus and Dwarven 
Centurions, Spriggan Matrons have a chance to Knock you down with their Special Rush power attacks (They are big and strong and you are puny, watch out)

* Most Monster have Hunting Ai Package, such as Giants, Trolls, Frostbite Spiders, Chaurus, etc.

* More variation to Monster/Creature Item Drop on Death, and it makes sense..


Click ReadMe Tab, next to Actions to see a list of changes.


You know the damn drill. what? oh well i guess this is a must... unrar the file and place it inside Data folder which is located inside main Skyrim folder.


Damn it if you know how to install the mod you surely know how to uninstall it... right? oh well... just delete the damn file which should be located... where you ask? inside Data folder!

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Add Ai Packages to all Creatures.


[email protected] (dont frigging contact me to tell me you got pawn that easily by the mod)