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A simple player home in the style of a Cyrodiilic cathedral, inspired by Dark Souls.

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~Wyvern Parish~
A Dark Souls inspired home - SE Edition

"Exhiliration, pride, hatred, rage… The dragons teased out our dearest emotions. …Thou will understand, one day."

It's been a long time, and I do apologize, but I hope this serves.
This is a mostly-vanilla player home in the style of the old ES4 Oblivion cathedrals,
and designed aesthetically like the Undead Parish of Dark Souls 1.
A key and will are kept in a nearby grave to access the parish.

This mod provides:
- Proper zones and markers, with beds for 3 followers and a spouse
- Unique interior and decor
- Custom banners

- 8 mannequins and several weapon displays and racks
- The parish is entirely made of vanilla Skyrim pieces
- Resource-Lite! No major FPS drops hopefully
- Vanilla-Friendly (Requires all DLC's)
- 2 bookshelves and a larger bookcase
- Alchemy and Enchanting workstation (No smithy)

While isolated, nonetheless I hope it provides a cozy and special home in an excellent location.

*This home was not made with Hearthfire children in mind. Permission is granted to those who want to add in that work.*

Conflicts and concerns:
- 1 noted conflict with Rigmor of Bruma; the location of a campsite is under the parish itself.
- Conflicts with Fellheim estate by TheYrahcaz.

Ra2phoenix for their wonderful patience!
Custom textures and a unique Lothric-inspired banner designed in Photoshop CS by ClefJ.
Scarla's Toybox for unique stylistic resources.
--Certain items have been in my meshes folder for years, and may not be credited appropriately. Please correct me if you spot any.--

Thank you for downloading, and I hope you enjoy!