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As it says on the tin: Allows you to craft, and upgrade potions of well-being.

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This mod was made in large part as an extension/companion of Upgrade Your Potions by Jeenine, as I liked the concept, but wanted all of the healing potions. It's also made and added, in part, to go along with my other mod, Small DLC and Misc Patch for XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE. It helps players, and allows you to see the new textures if you are an Awesome Potion user!

NOTE: This mod was made by hand, by me, using SSEEdit. Inspiration from Upgrade Your Potions only: they--at the time of this being published--have not added these recipes.

This mod requires:
Skyrim.esm (...must you ask?)
Update.esm (Dragonborn uses this as a master)
Dragonborn.esm (where potions of well-being are made and found... until now)

This mod adds conditional recipies (no clutter!) to the cookpot. If you have 1 minor healing/stamina/magicka potion in your inventory, the potion of minor well-being can be crafted. The same is true for all other potions of various strengths.

Also, if you have two potions of minor well-being, they can be crafted into 1 potion of well-being. 3 minor potions? 1 plentiful, and so on.

Please note, compared to chugging 3 ultimate potions, chugging 1 ultimate potion of well-being loses you aproximately...99.99% of healing effectiveness.

Personally I use a mod where ultimate potions heal 500 over 5 seconds, and modded the ultimate well-being potion to heal 300 over 5 seconds... If I get enough requests I'll edit my mod to boost values to something a bit more respectable... 400 all stats? I don't vanilla much anymore, but I always figured that potions of well-being are at conflict with themselves, 3 healing potions all competing with each other, hence the lower base healing value. That said, ultimate healing potions healing 9999 in 0 seconds from just one bottle when the next step down is 150? That is ridiculous.

I digress.

Compatibility Issues:
None/not possible. If you have those 3 masters (even Skyrim 2011), you can use this mod. No conversions needed, this is purely:
If a, b, c are present, allow x recipe in y crafting station. Recipe removes a, b, c from player inventory, and produces (1) z, when pressed.

Drop "Well-being Recipes.esp" into your data folder and activate
- or - Download and install using your favorite mod manager
Highly Recommended! - Use Wrybash! It will merge this esp into the bashed patch, and it will be as if it was always there...
Cry, because you realize Bethesda dropped the ball on these potions, and you need to find another mod to make them useful.

Reverse of the above
If you created a bashed patch, you need to rebuild the patch, but it will be as if it was never there...
Cry, because you didn't bother to mod the potions to be more awesome

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