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Fixes the physically impossible architecture of Solitude's signature archway. See description.

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Why this mod exists:
I was watching Shadiversity's very interesting analysis of the realism of Solitude's defenses where he pointed out a huge flaw in Solitude's design that I had never noticed: the archway on which the Blue Palace is built is physically impossible. He discusses it more in depth in his video (at about 2:43), but the gist of it is that stone has very good compression strength, but horrible tensile strength. This means that the archway as seen in vanilla Skyrim would crumble under its own weight. As an engineering student, I could not unsee this. So, I made this mod to give this landmark a more realistic architecture, utilizing the more stable archway shape.

What this mod does:
Alters the architecture of Solitude's signature archway to obey the laws of physics. All changes can be seen in the screenshots.