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The Elysian Sanctuary - Collector Edition

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This mod adds a player house in Riften Canals. You can purchase it with 10.000 gold and you will be provided with a house deed and a key.

- Displays for most of the unique items: weapons, armors, books, potions, misc items
- Mannequins, weapon plaques and racks, shield racks, display cases, book shelves
- Advanced Alchemy Lab where you can craft few stronger potions using 4 ingredients
- Alchemy Book with all the effects for all ingredients
- Staff Making Station and Imbuing Chamber
- Artifact Morphing Station ... transform your artifacts in their stronger version
- Soulgem Morphing Station ... upgrade your soulgems and exchange Azura's Star with The Black Star and vice versa
- Aetherium Morphing Station ... change the Aetherium artifacts between them
- Disenchanting Font ... disenchant many unique weapons and armors, without destroying them
- Magicka Font, Magicka Well, Skooma Pipe ... give you some temporary buffs
- All Standing Stones and Shrines, plus some custom Shrines
- A Mirror to change your appearance in game, both in static and mobile version
- Jewelry Smelting Station ... smelt down unenchanted / genenric jewelry in small ingots
- Custom Crafting  Station ... craft 2 custom sets of armor and 2 clothing outfits, with the provided books
- Interactive Teleportation Map ... teleports you to all the 9 holds, capital city

- 2 Female followers ... you can summon them in game ... with the 2 specific 'Recall' Conjuration Tomes
- 'Open Stash' ... a power which allows you to open the content of a chest, anywhere in the word, with the shout / power key
- Few other useful spells ... like mark, recall, slow fall, dispell, invisibility ... which you can find inside a book shelf
- All important storage and display is locked and will auto-lock. The key provided with the house deed will open everything ... if you want to practice your lockpicking skills just leave the key somewhere
- The Sanctuary comes with a custom soundtrack ... 15 tracks

You can access / buy the house from Riften Canals and after you bought it you can also use a ladder inside the fountain in Riften's Market to acees it.The Sanctuary also connects with The Ragged Flagon, allowing you a quick access.

Alchemist Compendium by RGMage2
Thieves Guild Jewelry Smelter by AshuraDX
Karliah Armor 2 by zotman12
ApachiiSkyHair SSE by apachii
Shrine of Syrabane by kelretu
Cherrywood Dragon Enchanting Table by RefurbMadness
Winterbrook Furnishing by Tarshana
Fiona Armor for UNP by NPR

Celestial Aeon Project
Simon Bowman