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Vampires have claws(mostly) and use them once disarmed - the clawing attacks have proper sound effects. Main plugin contains the required race, armor and armor addon changes, with included optionals with different claws and nails patched to be compatible with fingerless gloves.

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08/03/2020: MOD IS PARTIALLY DEPRECATED. I recommend installing Feral - Claw Unarmed Attacks for Beast Races - Vampires - Werewolves and your preferred claw/nails mod. Have a good one!



====Inspired by:
Unarmed Sounds and Animations for Vampires by Taliesin Ward ,
... ppp detailed tutorial of nifskope and Creation Kit - Kaw's Claws with Fingerless Gloves (it works!),
... the info of this forum Racial animations (ie: what makes Khajiits swipe their claws
and this How to make things visible in the first person.

====... plus some assets from:
Kaw Claws-Colored Long Nails by kaw - Older version only available on the internet
and Better Claws and Gauntlets by Derok and Didact2401

==== this mod presents to you:

Vampires have claws and fight using clawing animations(like the khajiit do)

Detailed description:

- Using information from MatthewJontully post, the plugin adds the keyword "IsBeastRace" to every vampire in the game. This means they will use the khajiit/argonian clawing animation for unarmed attacks. This was also achieved with Unarmed Sounds and Animations for Vampires by Taliesin Ward but the way the animations were replaced made everyone in Skyrim use swiping animations during brawls. Adding just the keyword to the race records made only vampires use those animations. Additionally, I have changed the unarmed sound effects of these attacks from WpnZUnarmedImpactSet to the FXMeleeClawSmall sound set, so you'll hear clawing sounds found within the game assets and that suit the animation perfectly.

> The other record change made to races is, under body data - slot 49 to be shown in first person mode. This is the slot used to allocate the modified claws and nails.

The following videos were made with old versions of the plugin but can sum it up a good portion of the way this mod still works.

With ppp help from a post in a certain forum for lovely people, the body slots for the claws have been modified so that they will use other slots and thus won't replace your handwear. As far as I've tested, they work with every glove, including the Fingerless Gloves by theincrediblenick. There are videos detailing this procedure if you happen to need other items patched:


Highly recommended the use of Mod Organizer - like I do myself - just double click the mod and install it the way you install any mod.

>Back Up your saves<
This mod is stable but under development PLUS this is a good practice at any time.

>Install this mod BEFORE you become a vampire<
Otherwise, the keyword won't be applied to your character and you won't get the clawing animation.


If the animations are not working with the characters or no other vampire in game has claws, test loading this mod last in your load order.
>The expected conflict is another mod overwriting the changes done to the race records. In anyway I appreciate that you report the problem in the post section(much better if you can post your Load Order as well, just make sure to use the
A tutorial on adding records and resolving conflicts can be found in TES5Edit by ElminsterAU.

How to get the claws?

Since OneWinged20's version of the plugin, crafting the claws is not required any longer unless you want them to be colored, in this case you'll need the Kaw's Claws - colored addon provided within the FOMOD installation.

Note that I'm not a 3D artist and the models provided were kindly offered by third-party modders so please use them with discretion, they are presented pretty much out-of-the-box, so there might be clipping/seams. If you are willing to help and improve the models please feel free to do so and publish it in another mod page or contact me directly and we'll talk about crediting your work and welcoming you to the contributors list!

Recommended Mods:

   One-Handed Fists by Kain-Xavier
Simple and essential mod that makes unarmed attacks level up One-Handed. You don't even need to have the unarmed weapon equipped!
   Vampiric Drain level up Destruction skill by Xom94oK
Another essential gem that works seamlessly in vanilla game.
   Better Vampires 7.1 by Brehanin
or Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition by Miss Leeches
   Fingerless Gloves by theincrediblenick
   Half Gloves of Skyrim by AndyTheLegend
   HN66s Mage Nails by humannature66 but load it before VFWC-*.esp
   Advanced Adversary Encounters - Massive Skyrim Enemy Overhaul by Tx12001
The way it overhauls vampires makes great use of unarmed and close-combat tactics, really improving the overall notability of clawed vampires.
A patched version of old Kaw's claws is available here as an optional file. If you liked it, please, consider heading over to Kaw Claws-Colored Long Nails by kaw and endorsing his work, (s)he is one of the precursors of claws and nails models here on nexus.

Derok from Better Claws and Gauntlets by Derok and Didact2401 allowed me to include some of his assets, so I'd be much appreciated if you head over to his page and thank him for his kindness.

=====================The issue of using or partially using assets from other mods=====================
- I have made about 50 days ago a request to partially use the assets uploaded by foxey(kaw's claws) and AndyTheLegend(Half Gloves of Skyrim) as you can check yourselves at said mods posts section, but both users seem to be unresponsive for quite some time and haven't answered so far. If you know any of them and can contact them, please let them know that part of their assets are available as modified/patched versions here. If you are kaw or foxey and feel offended by the use of part of your work here, let me know and I'll pull them out and leave only the bare instructions of how to achieve what this mod presents. And if you don't feel offended in any way, thank you, let me know if there's anything else I can do to let this mod point to yours.

In closing...

===Any issue you are having regarding what this mod intends, please use the post section, as usual.

===Let me know if the mod title misleads you or if it offers anything that you haven't found within the mod.

===If you have any suggestions to make this mod(including the description) better, let me know and we'll work on making these changes into the mod.

And finally, thanks to every game modder out there, for sharing your work, and making the game much better. This mod is my way of thanking you - sharing something I've discovered with your help and that I hope might help others to make their games better as well.