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About this mod

This adds a voiced dwarven sphere follower inside Markarth keep.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Polish
Spike is a dwemer sphere follower with its own custom framework. For now, Spike has 282 lines and will mainly comment during the vanilla factions and main quest. When I eventually get more time, I want him to comment on all the other major quests in the game.

You can find Spike beside Calcemo in Markarth.

What he comes with is:

different combat styles
  • Ranged
  • Melee
  • Balanced
Main quest commentary
quest commentary for the College of Winterhold
quest commentary for the Companions
Thieves guild commentary
Dark Brotherhood commentary
comments about cities and areas*

Daedra quests:
The only cure
A night to remember
The mind of Madness
House of Horrors
The cursed Tribe
The break of Dawn
The Whispering Door

Lost to the Ages
Missing in Action
The Blessing of Nature
In my time of need

Quest location covered:


Mistborn by Megaman2k

About Spike's arsenal:
Aside from being a normal dwarven sphere, he is equipped with a custom crossbow.

The crossbow is enchanted with poison and has a set of explosive lightning arrows. If you equip him with an empty soul gem, he will automatically fill it when he kills something with the crossbow. You can equip Spike with other arrows, but he will have a quiver floating around him due to his body not being a humanoid.

He has an ability to turn on a shock cloak in combat, and his attacks are laced with poison.

If you want to go with a stealth build, he can turn invisible whenever you sneak around. The light component will only turn on during nighttime or when you are in dark caves. Furthermore, it will also turn itself off when you sneak.

In addition, he can equip armour as well, further boosting his defence.

Finally, he has a teleport to you spell in his inventory.

In concern to the balance of the game
creatures in skyrim cannot block, thus spike will be pretty vulnerable in higher levels.

Expanding general commentary*

Please note that any custom framework follower should not be imported into another framework.

(Special Notice, I am too lazy to add a texture at the moment, but any who wants to modify his textures for other mods or turn into vanilla, go ahead.)

A special thank you to:

Joseph Russell, the mod author of Lucien and creator of four very in-depth video tutorials.
FathomX for her input about non-humanoid followers
Maplespice and her Remiel discord, who gave me a better understanding about how the Creation Kit works.
Danruta for his incredible software xVAsynth.
Megaman2k for his tips about how to make cleaner voiced lines and modding advice.
Rabbit Winri for her in depth videos explaining the creation kit.
BluePwnzU for his explanation about script conditions.
Craftian for explaining how teleportation scripts works and creating Dzarkim, a strong inspiration to make my own dwemer follower.
Kenerad for overall support.
A thank you to Randomdude who is allowed to port this to xbox.