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Adds the 24 books from Open Books Library as skill books to find randomly in-game, with collision physics and titles.

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(December 12/2017) I've wrapped this mod into my latest mod, Narrative Loot! It advances on the goal of this mod, which was to improve the variety of narrative-driven loot available to find in chests, cupboards, etc.
Narrative Loot (Complete):

NarrativeLoot - Open Books

Open Books is a collaborative project containing 20 peoples' artwork. From translators, to brush artists, to modelers, to me, the physics debugger!

Adds the 24 books from Open Books Library as skill books available to find in-game! I’ve added collision physics, titles, skills, inventory meshes, and added them to vanilla loot lists.

You can even hang 'em on your walls now, using Decorator Helper! That magnificent tool will allow you to freeze physics objects in place!

These books can be found randomly at the following rates:
  • 15% - Warlock Chests / Warlock Boss Chests / Vampire Chests / Vampire Boss Chests / Explorers Wilderness Chests
  • 8% - Regular Chests, Upper-Class End Table, Cupboard
  • 4% - Regular End Table

This means you'll typically find one per related dungeon. It would take around 156 chests or 400 end tables before you
find them all.

I’ve separated the books into Common books and Rare books. Rare books include corrupt and sinister-type tomes, and so those are found only in warlock, vampire, and wilderness chests (and not in Belethor’s nightstand).

You can also purchase the Common books from general item merchants. The chance of a merchant stocking a book ranges from 8% to 41% (Khajiit Caravan). I’ve integrated the books into the vendor lists such that even custom merchants may sell them.

If you want a specific book, reference the name from the images and type into console 'help "<Book name here>"'. Be sure to put the book's full name in quotations. This will give you the ID of that item. Then type 'player.additem <Book ID> 1', which will give you one of that book.

Fully supported by Non-Automatic Skill Books!
If you have any other mods that affect the miscellaneous merchant item loot lists, then the loot lists may conflict.

MaximilianPs for his Italian translation!
Forumsurfer78 for the Dutch translation!

Thanks to Kelsenellenelvian for supporting this in Non-Automatic Skill Books!

And to the artists of Open Books!

stoverjm for the incredible artwork on the Open Books Library! I’m in awe of these books, and had a great time writing their titles and just glazing at these pages all starry-eyed!
Blary for the original Open Book model! This mod is from your foundations, nearly four years ago!

Cheers to the both of you.
And to the following artists who are responsible for the amazing brushes and stamps!

Obsidian Dawn @,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and