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Includes regenerated facegen data for the High Level Enemies mod to fix rare & hard-to-diagnose CTDs in some areas.

Permissions and credits

This includes fixed facegen geometry for the original High Level Enemies mod by Dalquist. HLE's included facegen data is heavily outdated and causes rare & hard-to-diagnose persistent CTDs when certain NPCs are loaded by the game engine.

What about High Level Enemies Redux?

You do not need this if you're using HLE Redux.
I still use the original HLE because my favourite enemy balance overhaul (Advanced Organized High Level Skytweak Encounters Patch) still depends on it.



With a Mod Manager

Install normally; make sure this mod is loaded after High Level Enemies so the files from this mod override the ones from HLE.


  • Extract the contents of the archive into your High Level Enemies mod directory, overwriting all existing files.

How it was made

You can find an in-depth guide on how to do this yourself here: Advanced Organized High Level Skytweak Encounters Patch

The process itself is really simple, but you have to install, downgrade, & set up the Creation Kit first. While setting up the CK is a tedious and annoying process at the best of times, with the shutdown of the Bethesda Launcher it is now even more tedious & annoying.