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Adds a craftable chest, food supplies sack, and ingredients knapsack, which can be carried in inventory, placed, used, picked up and moved. (Requires Campfire by Chesko)

Permissions and credits

This is just a small storage mod, which adds three craftable storage items to the world.  The chest, food sack, and ingredients sack, can all be made using materials found in the world, and can be carried on you. You can place them in the world, use them to store or retrieve your goods, then pick them back up and take them with you. Or, you can leave them in place and just make new ones, which will allow you to access your inventory from more than one place.  Items share storage with their like counterparts, so all chests will access all your chest-stored gear.  All food sacks allow access to all your food, etc.  They do not respawn.  There are also craftable barricades, for players who wish to make their site a bit safer from predators.

Make your items as follows. (I have not placed them on any lists, to avoid conflicts.)

The chest is crafted at any forge, using firewood and iron ingots.
Food supplies sacks are crafted at a tanning rack, using linen wraps. (Abundant in ruins)
Ingredients supplies sacks are crafted at a tanning rack, using leather.

Barricades are crafted in the field, using deadwood and hide lace. (Items included in the campfire mod, which this mod requires to use.)  They take a bit to make, are pretty heavy, and cannot be destroyed.  You can pick them up and put them in your inventory, to deploy elsewhere.

See Change Log for version changes.

Known issues:  The chest, when placed, picks you up off the ground a foot or so, as though you were standing on it when it spawned. I do not know why. The blacksmithing crate, due to the mesh collision, sinks halfway into the ground. Will be fixed as soon as I can.

While the chest and sacks set down pretty well, the barricades are temperamental. You may need to pick them up and place them again, in order for them sit correctly.  I'm working on finding out why it does this, and will fix it asap, if it can be.

This is a work in progress, and I hope to add a few more small features, as I learn more.  This is not, nor is it intended to be, a large mod. It is just to
give other players, who use Campfire, some portable storage. The barricades were an attempt at meeting a mod request on the forums, once I realized it could be done with this.

V1. Original release

V2. Added two more containers, Noble Chest and Satchel, craftable at forge and tanning rack, respectively. Function the same as the others. They just offer some extra options, so you don't have to shove all your stuff into one or two containers.  (Come onnnn SkyUI  !!!)

If upgrading from an older version to v3, please empty current storage first. This is due to some references being renamed for continuity.  Your items should still be safe (mine were) but let's not take any chances.

Installation:  I'm still new to NMM, so I'll ask if someone would mind testing, to make sure it can be installed that way.  For manual users, this is only an     .esp file. The assets come directly from Campfire, which is required.  Drop the .esp into your data folder. Higher is fine, so long as it's under Campfire.

Did I mention 

yet ?

Uninstall:  First, remove all your items from all your mod-created storage. Make a hard save, then you should be able to uninstall without any loss of gear,
               with the exception of the 3 storage containers and any barricades you've made. 

Compatibility:   Since it is made using Campfire as a master, it is of course compatible with Campfire.  The only scripts are the few provided by Campfire 
already.  There's been no list tampering in this mod, either. The containers are uniquely-named dups of resource materials, provided by
Chesko, the author of Campfire.

*Cleaned with SSEedit

Permissions:     This is nothing but a blind squirrel storage tweak, built (with the permission posted on the Campfire page) entirely on the work and frankly
                      amazing skill of Chesko.  If you do wish to use this, please see that Chesko gets credit for his hard work, and a link to his Campfire mod.
                      (He also did Frostfall. If you're not using both, you're missing out.)

Here is a link to Campfire:

And here is a link to the dev kit and tutorials.