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This mod adds new fur garments to the leveled lists using some assets from the mod FurArmorSetsSE by keungkeung.

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  • Polish
This mod aims to add new fur garments to many vanilla leveled lists using certain meshes from the FurArmorSetsSE mod by keungkeung and textures from the mod FurArmorSetsSE - Muted Color Retexture by jasperthegnome. The items added are relatively uncommon, and blended thoughtfully into the world for your immersive pleasure. 

*currently looking into adding Survival Mode/ Frostfall compatibility as well as craftable versions and extra equipment.

New items include:


Value: 20
Weight: 5
Armor Rating: 1.00


Value: 35
Weight: 7
Armor Rating: 2.00


Value: 55
Weight: 10
Armor Rating: 3.00

This is a STANDALONE file, meaning you do not need to download anything else for this mod to work. This mod is considered to be in the BETA stage of development. please report bugs and suggestions in the comments!

All credits go to both keungkeung and jasperthegnome.