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Improved meshes and textures for the Golden Saint armor set from Saints and Seducers. CBBE and HIMBO Support. 4K-2K.

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The Golden Saint armor set in the Anniversary Edition is conceptually pretty cool but the in-game presentation was rather lackluster in my opinion, so I took it upon myself to turn it into something that looks a little less plasticky and hopefully more like real burnished gold. ✨

Meshes have adjusted gloss and specular values and have been given an HD cubemap by CaBaL of AMB fame.
All diffuse maps (plus one environment map that was never implemented for some reason) have been retouched for contrast and detail.

I also recolored the skirt on the male set from green to black. Just personal taste, but if you prefer the original color there's a patch in optional files.

Will you do be doing the weapons/Seducer set/other?

I dunno, maybe? If the stars align and someone with actual talent doesn't come out with something better.

Aren't you supposed to be working on other projects right now?

Well, you see, um...


A huge thanks to the following authors:

Kartoffels for her Upscaled Anniversary Edition Textures, which I used as a base.
CaBaL120 for the absolutely magical cubemap from aMidianBorn Gilded Ebony
FadingSignal for his tutorial on Environment Mapping and Metallic Effects
Kreiste's HIMBO Refit Guide for finally getting me comfortable with Outfit Studio.

Textures optimized with Cathedral Assets Optimizer
Screenshots taken with Skyrim Re-Engaged ENB and COC Darkroom
Sovngarde Font by Koveich