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Conversion of Stay At The System Page - Updated to CLib-NG to create one .dll file that works in all Skyrim SE versions, including AE 1.6.629+.
Ensures the journal menu always opens at the system page tab.

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"I am aware the game has updated. I don't have a lot of time/energy to work on these things anymore, and I will my mods on my own time. Stop contacting me."

- Fudgyduff, aka Ryan, creator of the orignal Stay At The System Page - Updated.

Rather than posting yet another comment on the Stay At The System Page - Updated modpage asking for an update to the new Skyrim version I just did it myself.

Source code is available on my GitHub.

I will most likely not add any more updates to this other than maybe bugfixes or support for new Skyrim versions if there are more to come.