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Hagraven and Glenmoril Witches skin-outfit texture overhaul. Include the Hagraven Feathers Ingredient.

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This is a Hagraven and Glenmoril Witches skin/outfit's texture overhaul. It include one ingredient, the Hagraven's feathers.
The Vanilla files whit the official HD texture pack installed were 2K, 512 the backlight-map and 256 the ingredient. These are just textures files, they do not take any slot in your
load order.

For reference these are the folders I worked:
textures\actors\hagraven (whole, four files)
textures\clutter\ingredients (just the Hagraven's feathers ingredient, two files)

Hagraven is the most scary creature of Skyrim to me. Isn't she? An ugly witch with some crow extensions. I started working on the textures and... I have repented. She is full of details, but are the seams and the clips that were really annoying, I didn't realized this immediately, I just didn't like the feathers and the hair. The feathers have proved, as I thought, fairly difficult, but also everything else.
It's that, to me, the vanilla hairs and the feathers looked a little plasticized, also the dress reflected too much light to be a fabric, so I tried to extract the details, skin, fabric, necklace, claws,
teeth, palate, tongue etc..., and to give all them a little more "realistic" appearance. And there... I repented even more, because every single piece had to be re-worked and singly assembled in the normal map, piece by piece, and its alpha channel as well, giving different reflections depending on the material. Also, the feathers, in some parts, had to be cropped like the furs on the Giant. Another part is full cropped, and inserted in the forearm by some fabric strips and in the skin. To make them a bit more realistic I had to re-invent themselves completely. Also, in the outfit wasn't so evident how those feathers were hanged, so I took the "poetic license" to add a small rope to tie they and to make it more clear. I hope it still lore enough.
The vanilla outfit clips here and there; in the T pose seemed fine, but in the idle position there is a partial clip above the left and the right legs. I cut a part of the outfit, but I should cut a larger piece of the dress near the groin to solve just a part of this vanilla issue. The fact is that I realized too late about this, and I should have to work a large part of the feathers all over again. I'm aware that there were and still some seams my bad, some are caused by the fact the meshes stretch
the textures in some point and not in their counterpart juncture and I couldn't solve it, I really had enough of this; towards the end, the master image files were around 1,5 GB each, with hundred layers.
Once the Hagraven was done, I thought to make the Glenmoril had to be easy, as they are almost the same, a sort of albino version, but it wasn't really; it
was an advantage for sure, but they have really different colors in all details and a single added piece, the cutter head edge; so, this other one, took me a lot of time anyway. Luckily they use the same normal map, so I had to work it "just once". Do notice that the Glenmoril textures will apply to the "Headless Hagraven" and the "Glenmoril Witch Head" (quest item).
Having worked the feathers I wanted to give a similar aspect to the related ingredients, the Hagraven's Feathers, used to make potions in the alchemy lab, so I have included it in the package. I haven't included the Hagraven's Claw ingredient instead, because in this case, despite the feathers, the well known
"Static Mesh Improvement Mod" (by Brumbek) contains also a new meshes of it. His feather ingredient was just an adjusted vanilla clone diffuse map texture.

You can preview the results by looking at the screenshot. They refer to the full 4k version. They can look different, it depends on your setup and the ENB you have installed. In the screenshot I do use "RealVision ENB" (by SkyrimTuner) without any light or weather mod, it have an high tonal contrast.

Have fun,


Video by Hodilton


This mod comes in four packages. The blacklight map is 512 for all, the feather ingredient is 512 for all but the 1k version, where is 256.

  •     4k compressed diffuse and 4k compressed normal maps.
  •     4k compressed diffuse and 2k compressed normal maps.
  •     2k compressed diffuse and 2k compressed normal maps (Vanilla size).
  •     1k compressed diffuse and 1k compressed normal maps.


As usual, they are 7z fomod installers.


They could not work as intended if you installed some different meshes then the vanilla ones.

In this case, there is a conflict of the Hagraven's Fetahers ingredient with the diffuse "Static Mesh Improvement Mod" (by Brumbek) file
that is an adjusted vanilla clone, it can safely be overwritten by my texture. So install my package after SMIM or, as a minor issue, you just wont see my new ingredient texture at all and even worse the old diffuse map will not match with my new normal map, and the ingredient will look really bad, I guess.


The whole modding community.
Hodilton for the youtube video.
The biggest THANKS, those who have donated and endorsed.


DDSopt (by Ethatron) to extract the files.
Adobe Photoshop to work on textures
Nifskope to extract the UV map and quick preview the textures over the meshes.


If you show in same way my assets in public places you must and should always credit the author.These files are Nexusmod exclusive right now. My files follow the Nexusmods rules.Users cannot upload my files to other sites, any type of sites, included file sharing host (unless I give specific permission and instructions). Users cannot modify my file; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate file. Users cannot use my assets in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms. Users cannot use assets contained in my files in their own files without my permission.
I saw someone breaking every rule. So if I'll give the permission to release my mods now on, I'll report bottom here the site name that had my permission, about each mod, for real, automatically all the others have to be considered cheating and will be reported.