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Adds a lever that opens the gate at the Tower of Mzark to allow quick access to the Elder Scroll in Blackreach.

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Blackreach Bypass


This is a mod I made simply so I don't have to trudge through all of Blackreach again just to get the Elder Scroll.  Countless times I've made the journey in the deep and my current playthrough is at the point to obtain the Elder Scroll.  Not this time, however.  

This mod is intended for players that get tired of going through Blackreach and not first time players of Skyrim.  Blackreach needs to be experienced at least once before skipping it.   

*Adds a lever which opens the gate at Mzark allowing quick access to the Elder Scroll*

 This mod also does not interfere with the quests which require the Elder Scroll or use of the Dwemer machine holding the scroll.

Each location is on map by default.  Fast travel is now possible to reach the location.

Blackreach Bypass SSE for Xbox One