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Ulfric is marriable and can be a follower.

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Ulfric is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn't require it.

All your life is a struggle for freedom. All your deeds are for Skyrim. Year by year. Now, when the Imperials are defeated, there's still much to do. But listen to your heart, Ulfric, don't you want anything just for you? Isn't there a space inside to be filled by love?
Is there a person who would fit you better than the Dragonborn?

Be on the side of the Sons of Skyrim and win the Civil War. After General Tullius is dead and you have left Castle Dour the mod should start working.

. Ulfric has follower's and marriage dialogues.
. You can create Homecooked Meal. To be able to do this, you must be married (not necessarily to Ulfric).
. You can divorce him and remarry.
How to divorce: throw The Bond of Matrimony out of your inventory (all of them), dismiss Ulfric if he is your current follower, talk to him and say that you want a divorce. WARNING. This option works for vanilla marriage (resets marriage quests). If you are using other mods altering marriage system it might break them or your other marriages. So if you want to divorce - use the divorce option of the mod you got married with.
. Compatible with Hearthfire. It mostly concerns the divorce option.
. Ulfric sees when his Dragonborn spouse takes off the clothes, comes near and can be undressed too. (No new textures or animations added.) For him not to notice you naked ask him not to stalk you.
. Galmar and Jorleif come to the wedding as Ulfric's guests.

Unobvious features.
. When married, both you and Ulfric feel Lover's Comfort at the same time.
. Ulfric and the guests don't leave the wedding ceremony until it's finished.

Divorce Ulfric if he is your husband. Dismiss him if he is your current follower, tell him you don't need his help for now; make sure he has no "Follow me" line. Leave the location where he is. Save the game and disable this mod in Skyrim's launcher or using any other method you prefer.

Details and cheating.
The main quest of this mod starts working when you enter a location with Ulfric. So if nothing works try to reenter that location (go outside the Palace of the Kings and inside again). You can force this quest to run (even before the completion of the Civil War, but be warned: in this case he might have follower/marriage dialogues and not follow/come to the wedding) - try this when you are in the same location as Ulfric:
SetStage OUUlfricCanObey 0
or if the previous line doesn't work:
SetStage OUUlfricCanObey 10
For manual uninstallation:
SetStage OUUlfricCanObey 100

----- version 2.01
. Fixed removing of Lover's Comfort from Ulfric.
. Finally figured out how to make lipsyncs properly! And remade them for quite a few dialogue lines.

New features.
. If you are married to Ulfric and are in one and the same location with him, he detects when you get naked and comes to you, if there happens a bed (or anything suitable) nearby he will lay in it. If you talk to him at that time he will take off pieces of his clothes. No new textures or animations added! To prevent him from this reaction ask him not to stalk you.
. Galmar and Jorleif come to the wedding as Ulfric's guests.

New unobvious feature.
. Ulfric and the guests don't leave the wedding ceremony until it's finished.


Version for old Skyrim:
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