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Welcome to the hidden gem of the Underworld, where new items are re-imagined for your adventuring needs. Explore a secret area where you have access to new armours, weapons, clothing, food, books and other unique items. Enjoy a safe spot to rest your head or share a drink. Make use of the various crafting stations to upgrade your current gear or make your own. Uncover a new history of an underground civilization who utilize magical Avatars as merchants. Ever awake and without hunger, they are always available for your purchases.

(Reading below grants +5 alluring). 


The First Guard Armory 
  • Armors imported from the Tera game with permissions from EnMasse with special permissions for recolours.
  • Armours graciously donated from other mod authors (credited below!) and CD Projekt Red
  • Some armours are male or female only and are denoted with [F] or [M]. 
  • Many vanilla armours given an extra four tiers to level with you, so if you like the standard leather armour you can wear it throughout the entire game.
  • Quest/Guild armours are now tiered
  • All tiers have brackets so you know which tier you are equipping eg; [T1]
  • Most female armours use the UNP sliders, which means you can have a vanilla or CBBE body but bust, waist and hips remain unchanged. And some armours use vanilla or no body types (if you see a neckseam, type showracemenu and move your slider to max to fix)

Light Armor 

  • Custom: 16 Armours, including an invisible helm for the light armour perk; some armours now have matching headgear
  • Skyrim: Hide, Leather, Elven, Vampire and more in tiers to match higher levels 

Heavy Armor

  • Custom: 16 Armours, including an invisible helm for the heavy armour perk; some armours now have matching headgear
  • Skyrim: Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Companion and others with extra tiers to match higher levels


  • 5 Light shields 
  • 9 Heavy shields

Divine Visions Clothier

  • 22 robe sets, including an invisible circlet for the cloth armour perk and various hoods or cowls.


Battlebound Weaponry

  • Bows: 8 
  • Axes: 4
  • Waraxe: 4            
  • Swords: 15
  • 2HSwords: 12
  • Daggers: 3
  • Mace: 4
  • Warhammer: 2
  • Staves: 10 - each with a template to match the magic school

Note: Every single piece of armour and weapon has appropriate keywords for organisational purposes. Armours come out of the box compatible with Frostfall.

No Armour or Weapon is enchanted. This means YOU can customize the pieces yourself :) All weapons and items can be tempered!

  • Tier 0=  Level 1 (These are the armours & weapons you find in game at their early level and/or the Tera armours on the merchant)
  • Tier 1 = Level 12
  • Tier 2 = Level 25
  • Tier 3 = Level 32
  • Tier 4 = Level 46



Sweet Dreams Bakery

  • Beautifully baked cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and  candies
  • Several new recipes added for the oven
  • Foods are now tiered! Each food gives a small bit of health plus skill buffs that last from 20 -60 minutes.Alchemy potions are still potent, but these foods will do the trick if you do not like alchemy yet enjoy the buffs.

Inquiry Atheneum

  • 1 unique story, never told before "The Tale of Ysanya"
  • 5 imported stories from far away lands (Hans Christian Anderson's adapted and Aesop's fables)
  • 25+ books from DanielCoffey's Lost Library 
  • New HD paper for the books included in this mod, does not overwrite your personal book paper textures if you have them
  • Unique book covers provided by DanielCoffey


  • Stocks herbs 
  • Stocks soul gems
  • Scrolls and spell books for purchase
  • Tailored to your level

Kali's Kid's Korner

  • 14 new clothing has been added. 
  • 5 stuffed bunnies
  • 2 stuffed cats 
  • 4 stuffed teddy bears

Note for Multi-Adoptions



Kogan's Grocery:

  • Features imported meats - Whiterun Beef, Riverwood Chicken, Falkreath Elk and Solitdue Salmon
  • New fruits such as strawberry and banana
  • New spices such as cinnamon and sugar
  • Standard grocery items 

The Market Pawnbrokers:

  • Imported clutter stuffs for home decorations
  • Fences items
  • Miscellaneous items such as lockpicks, torches and more
  • 20 new rings for purchase (unenchanted) - Now with more immersive gem names!
  • Base game rings and necklaces


Lost and Found - Curator Nesoterica

At level 40 and 50, Curator Nesoterica will offer items that are sometimes lost, or cannot be obtained due a bug. 

  • Dragon Priest Masks
  • Black Books
  • Holy Water
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Amulets 
  • Thieves Guild items
  • Arch-mage clothing
  • Unobtainable weapons, armour, and clothing such as the Jarl's outfits

NOTE: Dragon Claws are now inside the Lost and Found Urn near Nessie's bar; the little babby urn that should read "Lost and Found." I am trying to get her to sell the claws but she has told me no. So I put them in there. Available at level 40.

I did this because many people use custom player homes and enjoy putting up their trophies. Sometimes the items get lost OR lose their enchantments. While this is not a fix, it is a bandaid and sometimes that is all you need :) This is not intended as a cheat. 

Crating Corner

  • Staff Enchanter
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Enchanting Station
  • Forge
  • Workbench
  • Weapon Wheel
  • Imbuing Chamber 

+ Crafting Stations are compatible with Ordinator as they are vanilla stations with the right keywords and not modified in any way. 
+ The crafting vendor carries craft items for purchase

Installation: Download using the Green Button to use NMM and follow the FOMOD instructions. I will not guarantee this to work with MO. Any issues encountered from using MO is at your own risk. Technically can be placed anywhere in your load order, but general rule of thumb is place below NPC and area change mods (such as anything that edits cells near Riverwood).

If you are having issues with the NMM installer, download it into your NMM install directory and then select the green plus sign at the top to manually install. This file is a wee bit large ;)

You should install this after you have finished Helgen, or after your first save if using "Live Another Life." 

  1. Once the game loads an invitation is put into your bag and a map marker near Riverwood is added to your map. (Keep track of the invite)
  2. Once you get the grove location on your map, touch the tree (I cannot rename the open function on the door, or else it would read "Move the tree stump aside" to be more immersive, please consult your imagination).
  3. Downstairs the Curator will be there with three books on the bar. 
  4. Read the spell book to learn the Transportation Market Spell (teleport to the market)
  5. Enjoy the Market Guide to help you learn what treasures are in store
  6. Read about the history of The Floating Market and be inspired
(If you are having issues advancing the quest, refer to the sticky post or in-game invitation)

Uninstall: Select the uninstall button from NMM. (TheFloatingMarket.esp, 2 BSAs should be removed)

Note: The Market does not need SSEdit as it is clean and all masters sorted

Conflicts: Will conflict with mods that add children's clothing to the adoption quest alias. 

The outside cell is not modified by any known mod, however, if you do happen to find a conflict with a mod that I have overlooked, please let me know so I may patch it.

Updating When updating, you should be outside of the Market and the outside cell- go park yourself about 10 yards away, completely remove the mod and then install the new version. The mod is over one gig so make sure it isn't stuck in virtual install limbo and cluttering up your drive.


Q: Who will enjoy this mod? 
 +Those of you who enjoy customizing your own gear
 +People who love autonomy - "The freedom of choice is what drives the inspired soul"
 +Anyone who loves or hate crafting because the choice is yours to craft or buy your gear
 +Those of us with big hearts who love adopting :D

Q: Who will not enjoy this mod?
 +Those of you who like leveled lists
 +People who like super skimpy armour and overpowered items 
 +Anyone who does not enjoy enchanting their own items

Q: OMFG WHAT IS THIS  MOD?! English is hard :(
+ From the words of neonlights12:  "Think Belethor's General Goods but on crack and crossed with the Dubai Mall."

Q: I still don't get it!?!
+ Click the video tab for a sneak peak; that should have all the info you require.

Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
 +This mod is lore inspired. Which means that while I cannot say 100% of all assets in this mod would be found naturally in Skyrim, they could be, or are imported from other parts of Tamriel. There is even a Market Guide Book that adds the reasons why the armour and weapons look different from the standard "Viking" or "Imperial" gear.

Q: Can I bring my followers?
 +Absolutely. Everything is properly navmeshed. I have already shown Inigo around. 

Q: How much gold do the vendors have?
+They all have between 5-7k.

Q: Are your textures optimized?

Q: Do your armours and/or weapons have cubmaps?
+Some but not all; depending on how it looked in game depended on how I manipulated the mesh in Nifskope. Some cubemaps looked stupid, others were a necessity. 

Q: Will this cause a CTD?
 +No. CTD's are caused by mods not properly working together, or something in a mod not labeled right (like a bad nif). Nothing in this mod should conflict with anything else as all assets used are given a unique mesh and texture folders. Even if your mod is using the same meshes I use (such as Oarasity's), they will not override each other since I use a custom folder and the meshes have custom texture paths. 

Q: Why won't you make this <Body Style> compatible?!!!
+ Because in order to make sure the meshes do not distort the textures, I would not be able to provide these styles of armours. It is as simple as that. Stretching the armours to match extremely large breasts or buttocks makes the armour look like trash. Do you really want trashy looking breasts and buttocks? I think not! So that is why I chose UNP. Vanilla and CBBE bodies will work, but the sliders will not alter bust/waist/hips.

Required (Female Replacer) Mod:  (For best use)

  • UNP renewal - If not used, some of the female armours will not use your current slide system but can still be worn (if you have a neck seam, adjust your body sliders in showracemenu)

Recommended Mods:

  • Ruins Clutter Improved - This makes everything inside the Market, and any other ruin, look incredible
  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions As a personal note, this mod makes the spouse and adoption system loads better. Even if you do not adopt more than 2 kids, everything else handled by the mod is worth the download :) 
  • SMIM - You will never be the same after being SMIM'd
  • Sovngarde - A font replacer by MystValkerie and the same font you see in the screenshots
  • Ordinator and Summermyst by Enai Siaion. Your gear will thank you later ;)
  • Unlimited Bookshelves - Show off your lovely items with style
  • 4k Dragon Priest Masks - True-to-vanilla HD for your Dragon Masks :)
  • Honey Pots - once you download it, you realize how incomplete your life was before
  • CC's Barset - A very impressive, and seamless, texture for the garish bar top and stools
  • Glorious Dwarven Metal - Wolflord13 made amazing textures; see for yourself
  • Portable Containers by cdcooley - cdcooley is a jedi master of scripting. This mod makes carrying items immersive and intelligent.
  • (I love all his mods and appreciate his help for a future update in the Market :)
  • Automatic Item Storage by qlhaele - This magical fish allows for smart storage anywhere. You can even use it inside the Market at the temporary storage unit by the crafting stations
  • 360 Walk and Run Plus by JustBowlin - Some cloaks and skirts have issues "flowing" without proper HDT physics and 360 fixes these issues
  • Wayshrines of Old - a fantastic new way to travel Skyrim without breaking your immersion 


Spanish Translation by linqueo

Credits & Thank You's

EnMasse - for their Tera assets. Tera is a beautiful game and it is free to play :)

MistValkyrie - for her amazing banner textures are featured in this mod. Also many thanks for the hours spent helping me test and come up with unique ideas for aspects of the game, such as the Lost and Found and tiered vanilla armours
yatz - for the amazing FOMOD installer :D Much squee'ing has been had
Ghosu- for allowing us to use his assets in other mods
aulie - for the incredible and delectable pastries and candies
Tamira and stroti - for their talents with modding assets and allowing others to use them
Gamwich - for his guiding hand in understanding textures.
Oaristys- for the astounding amount of useful meshes, including the Witcher weapons and armours
Runspect - for his modder's unique resources  
InsanitySorrow- for food and weapons meshes and textures
Jackknifelee - permission granted for use of the Dovahkinder clothing textures
Xerperious- for the Dark Souls inspired rings

Berticus - who has released many assets and how-to's for the budding author
Garnet - bunny toys for kids! 
TESA Resources -  resources from dedicated modders
ousnius - for Nifoptimizer and the BodySlide/Outfit Studio
Cipscis - for scripting help
zzjay - for the awesome Witcher armours also: Maid Outfits and Demon Hunter Armour 
sumoJellyBean - for the conversion of the Brigida dress from Witcher 2
newermind43 - for the incredible Inquisitor Set
CD Projekt Red - the original game masters of open and honest gaming software. I have never finished one Witcher game but I bought them all and gift them to friends because I believe in their company image.

Spellsword Cuirass by billyro - finding a well made battlemate set was priceless, as was the permission to incorporate it in the Market
Ritual Armour of Boethiah by Wasbunny - I cannot express the profound respect for someone who was able to make the helm fit ALL races
Noldor Armour by mat743 and Arynn - This set is just incredible and finely detailed
Merps Gondorian Armament by BGSMERP - For providing a sophisticated battleset and shield
Heroic Dwarven Standalone by mgbeach - A very well done and clean texture set for the Dwarven armour pieces
FFIII Arc Robes by Gimora - A great idea implemented in a fantastic way 
Journeyman Healer Robes by ReburbMadness  - It is nice finding some white-mage style robes out there :) (the cloak was not used)
Tribunal Robes (green only) by Natterforme - Hands down the most immersive robes I have ever worn
35th Nightingale Wanderer by Tempyrian - The helm really won me over; called Baneguard in TFM I am sure many others will appreciate the work
Daedric Assasin Armour by lamer1000 - For the amazingly detailed armour set with all the red glowy details
SPOA Silver Knight Armour by dopalacz - This set really is the epitome of a "knight" set and I am so very grateful for the permissions!
Ebony Valkyrie Armour by comrade180 -For allow permissions to others to use this mod, I cannot express my gratitude for finding full coverage female armours 

Held Book by Deapri - This little modder's resource was a lot of fun to add into the Market and I think the other mages out there will love them, too
Humus Cubemaps from billyro - Sometimes I find the standard cubemaps are too much and these sets provided a really nice balance for in game mirroring effects
OldMansBeard For the amazing tier script for each of the chests. Now everything shows properly :) 
Severus616 - For allowing me the use of the incredible Lady Melania armour.
Elianora - Usage of the Brigida recolour from the original sumoJellyBean's Brigida Dress
UNP Rogue Armor HD by alecu - use of the scarft, belt and dagger
Legendary Rings from ronniemagnum - I love these designs :D
Assorted Jewelry by FavoredSoul - used a necklace mesh for Julie's Locket 
Princess of the Woods Cloaks by SydneyB - Love these cloaks and they match various armour sets (you should use 360 walk if you find they aren't animated enough on their own)

Ire of the Shdoaws by maymay1588 - Used her set to replace the old Fifth Dagger set. I love the leather detail
Ebony Blade by crazylion - these swords are off the charts and I am honoured for the use of the 1handed longsword as a falchion-type sword (as requested by a patron)
Visc by billyro - another falchion to add to your weaponry. I love this blade :D

++If I missed someone please tell me! 

Tools & Guides Used

Max3DS from Autodesk - 2012, 2015 and 2017
NifSkope and NifUtilities
BodySlide and Outfit Studio - The most efficient way to edit armours
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS5
UE Viewer by Gildor
ActorX Importer - another important script made by Gildor to import the UE assets
Blood Decals for Skyrim Weapons by SoMuchMonsters!

Music by Vindsvept
Weaving the Skies
Rites of Passage
Chassing Shadows
The Forgotten Forest
A Night at the Eolian

The best kind of thanks: My husband, for being patient with me on those evenings where I wanted to mod rather than play wife. That man deserves a medal.

Special thanks: to all the other modders who have taken time to write guides and forge a path for us to keep walking on. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have been amazed by the amount of helpful modders that are out there who take the time to help those of us who are still learning. 

And thank you, Mod User! You keep the vision alive. 

Thank you for choosing The Floating Market. I hope you enjoy looking through the wares as much as I enjoyed creating it. I wanted to bring various modders resources to the player in a unique way and I hope I have done so.

Please be kind in your comments and be patient if there are errors to mend.

Donations have been given to the Ronald McDonald Charity Network. Feel free to send your donations directly there! They housed my family from Ireland while I was under chemo treatments. The support I received was, and is, invaluable.
(Note, I never eat at those fast food places, but I back their charity)

The best cure I ever received was the love and support from the people around me.
If you don't have money, you have kind words. Use them liberally :)


+This mod may not be uploaded anywhere else. XBox1 users please pay heed- This mod contains assets from another game company and cannot, under any circumstances, be placed on the Bethesda website. That is a big can of legal worms that should never cross anyone's mind. (Note: These permissions have remained unchanged since August, 2016 with the first alpha release and January, 2017 with the beta relase)

+PS4 users: Sony does not allow outside assets. 

+You may not use this as part of a promotional video or review video on Youtube. I do not want the Market to be spoiled for others. This is in shiny letters for all to see. 

+You may not make money from this mod, including but not limited to paid mod platforms, websites, youtube, Bethesda or affiliate websites, personal websites or other.

+You may not use any part of this mod as an asset anywhere else. Many assets contained in this mod were used with permission so please go download from their page and endorse them! You must create an account with EnMasse to ask permissions from them if you desire the Tera assets.

+You may not make re-textures and upload them publicly. If you have want to a particular colour just ask :)

+Armours from here may not be used for a stand-alone follower. You can download those from their respective authors

+No, this mod will not be using "CBBE" or any other female body replacer and cannot be modified for it. The armours are for UNP and that is how they will stay. If you like Tera armours, there is another mod that adds Tera armours, leveled lists and probably has support for that body type. 

+You may not alter this mod to "improve it" in any way shape or form. IF a patch is needed, or something is broken just let me know. 

+Transations: Please PM me. Only translators with 1+ year of Nexus membership and at least two other translated mods in good standing will be given permissions. 

Current Translators:

linqueo - Spanish


Tera Online is Copyright of EnMasse Entertainment all their assets are owned by them and licensed for non-profit use

The Witcher Series Copyright of CD Projekt Red all their assets are owned by them and licensed for non-profit use

No game company endorses, or has helped, with the making of this mod.