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This mod ensures that all residents of Orcish strongholds only use Orcish equipment.

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It is said that an Orc first learns to wield a hammer in her mother's womb. By tradition, a mother always teaches her children how to smith. If a chief has a second wife, she is called the "Forge-Wife" in honor of this.

Smithing is an intensely important aspect of Orcish culture. The game makes numerous comments on how only Orcs can properly shape orichalcum, and how smithing directly serves and pleases Malacath. This dedication to their craft has rightfully earned Orc smiths honor and respect all across Tamriel. However, if you encounter Orcish strongholds at an early enough level, you will find that the members aren't even wearing the equipment that they are most widely known for. I made this mod because I wanted to see all stronghold members carrying Orcish weapons and/or wearing Orcish armor.

  • Removes all non-Orcish equipment from Orc Stronghold leveled lists
  • Uses SPID to distribute new outfits to all members of the strongholds without touching named NPC records
  • An optional addon distributes the Orcish Plate and Orcish Scaled CC armors
  • Both files are ESL-flagged ESPs, so they won't take away from the plugin limit

Specific Outfit Details (Vanilla):
  • Dushnamub, Garakh, and Shuftharz now wear a blacksmith outfit
  • Ghorbash, Ogol, and Ugor now wear a set of Orcish armor without a helmet
  • Chief Larak and Chief Mauhulakh now wear a full set of Orcish armor
  • Ugor now carries an Orcish sword and shield
  • Ghorbash now carries an Orcish axe
  • Murbul, Atub, Sharamph, and Bolar now all wear a unique set of robes

Specific Outfit Details (CC Addon): 
All main file changes carry over, in addition to:
  • Chief Burguk, Chief Larak, Chief Mauhulakh, and Chief Yamarz now wear a full set of Orcish Plate armor
  • Urog and Yatul now wear a full set of Orcish Scaled armor
  • Gularzob, Lob, and Nagrub now wear a set of Orcish Scaled armor without a helmet

Install this mod before encountering any of the Orcish Strongholds. Make sure to load the CC Addon files after the main file so that their outfit changes take priority. I do not recommend uninstalling this mod at any point during a playthrough, and will be unable to provide troubleshooting assistance if you decide to do so.

The only vanilla records touched are the LItemOrcStronghold weapon and armor records, as well as DA06LvlOrcMelee (the nameless Orc NPCs involved in the Largashbur quest). As long as your mod does not touch these records, it is fully compatible. If another mod does touch these records, simply select which you want to take precedence.

Bethesda's Creation Club team and all modders involved in the making of these creations.
powerofthree for the amazing SPID.