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Add 1 Job for roleplay purposes with working payroll, Ask for raise and work mechanic and adding really simple mini game during work

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Created this mod because want to add new job that actually giving me vibes that I'm actually work, just like the name you only need to go to office and back home and repeat. But there are some features beside just only come to office and do the work then back home.

This mod override 3 Vanilla NPC's 
Olfina (important) if olfina dies in your game then you can't have the job
Nazeem (just side character not really important nor have any dialogues)
Asgrid same with nazeem

Oh ya and also I forgor to remove teleport function, so when you enable this mod you'll be teleported to the office xD


Salary System
Just ask for a payment every Friday once a week

Performance System (../Fame)
By spending 100 fame points you can ask for a raise and you can see your fame points through MCM and there are 8 total different fame title's you will be notified if the performance changed

Mini game
The mini game actually so simple, just sequence words that you have to remember and answer it one by one need to answer in order. There are actual consequences if you fail this mini game and cannot be skipped or turned off, since this is very easy

To Start

I usually install all of my mods through Vortex let me know if this don't work on MO

Open MCM and enable this mod

Office location is inside Whiterun drunken Inn, go see Olfina when she's in the office or just talk to her everywhere, but if you want to talk with during work hour just go there between 8 am to 17 pm on week days, Saturday and Sunday the office is close.

The dialogue is very simple and just explain the rules on how to work etc, then start working.

To Uninstall

Open MCM and disable the mod


When you disable this mod, better to get outside the office and if you disable the mod (or active quest) during work hours when all the NPC's are working let them go outside first to avoid anything funny.


Probably something that changing the cell because this mod is creating new cell inside the Drunken Inn

Work Instruction

You only can work between 8 am to 10 am in workdays Monday to Friday

There's a desk with a book, that's where you waste all of your time (see image) and to be able to work you need to sit otherwise prompt will shown  to tell you to sit down, hover your cursor to the book and start working for 9 hours. 

Animation will be used and prompt will be shown for you and ask you to remember the sequence, click OK then another prompt will be shown expect this one you need to answer it correctly, If you choose the wrong answer, all of you previous correct answer will be ignored and performance impact will be applied.

But if you succeed then 4 books will be created on your desk, you only can stack those books into 4 stacks. If you want to store / collect all the books you have created there is a box to "collect" the books and this how the mod count all of your payment into your salary. If you ask for payment but you forgor to collect the books, all the books that you don't store will not be counted

The screen will fading out for couple of seconds to skipping time (9 hours), so you only need to do the mini game once per day

You can quit this job anytime but you need to reinstall if you want to work again.

Fame (Performance) name List
Unfortunately there is no effect when you achieve all these fames

; 0
fameName = "Drifter"
; > 25
fameName = "Nameless"
; > 50
fameName = "Expendable"
; > 75
fameName = "Brute"
; > 100
fameName = "Vandal"
; > 200
fameName = "Henchman"
; > 400
fameName = "Veteran"
; > 900
fameName = "Venerable"
; > 1200
fameName = "Legendary"
; > 3400
fameName = "Demigod"
; > 6400
fameName = "Praetorian"

; If minus
fameName = "You're minus, I mean how?"