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A few new eye colors that people may like. This is a work in progress and my first mod ever!

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Hello everyone! My name is Summer!
(I would love to see screenshots of characters using my eyes)

**NEW** I have added two different replacers to the optional files (to use IN ADDITION WITH the main file). One should replace all human race eyes in the game and the other should replaces all non-beast eyes (humans, elves, and orcs) so pick one or the other. If you just want human eyes replaced go with the basic replacer, but if you want human, elf, and orc eyes replaced go with replacerPLUS. I haven't fully tested these files so please let me know if you run into any issues. **UPDATE** I noticed the files were not working properly so I set them up differently and re-uploaded. 

This mod offers 36 new, stand-alone eye colors for males and female (an optional vanilla replacer is in the works). All textures are 2048 x 2048 with new whites of the eyes (a bit more natural looking) and modified eyelashes (I'm not a fan of overly long lashes). With this texture change the lacrimal caruncle and plica semilunaris now seem more attached to the eyes like they should be.

UPDATES for Version 1.06:

I realized I had forgotten to allow for all MALE non-beast races. You should be able to use these eyes on all human, elf, and orc characters of both genders now.


I would like to give credit to True Eyes SE and The Eyes of Beauty mods for being my inspiration. Much of how I have setup these textures is based on their fine work! Please, go download their fantastic mods if you haven't already to have even more lovely eye options :)