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water lilies seem to float on the water surface. the leafs and blossoms are spinning and swaying.

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this mod is a mesh replacement.
it doesn't need a esp/esl file.

it expands the meshes from ztree's with animated parts.

a video made by toostruus many thanks to you !

please pardon me !
ashes on my head ...........

i found a silly bug in some meshes !
it led the Skyrim engine to mad moves of the meshes to positive/ negative z directions.

this update is a hot fix. you should update your installation, please.

added more pictures of my be loved follower Estre (created by the unbelievable artist vermi77 / vermilion)

added a picture of Refined Auri (Song of the green)


added support for textures made by Pfuscher: improved waterplants

added pictures of Estre !

many thanks to dmayhead who does the half way for me.

first download and install waterplants for Skyrim / waterplants - lily only by Halifax0815.
this mod includes the meshes and textures for the water lilies.

second you download and install this mod.
you can install/uninstall at any time. because only meshes are replaced it doesn't do any harm to your game.

put this mod at the very end of your load order to protect it to get overridden by another mod that follows.

the wonderful girl with black hair is Yotanaki by Sleepytigereyes.
She is one of my followers since Skyrim LE

performance impact:
yes, there could be a fps loss. of course it depends on your cpu/gpu . i guess i noticed some impact but on your machine it could be different.
give it a try, to see if it's tolerable for you or not.
this mod will not do any harm to your game or saves (if nothing unusual happens .....)

as i said before: you can install/ uninstall this mod at any time, it's always save.

this mod is dedicated to Estre created by vermi77 / vermilion (he sits left by the god of creation!)
She is my red water lily.
Estre touched my soul.

:: update v1.01
removed some unnecessary bits from BSXFlags. Many thanks to KhrysINXS for his helping hands.


many, many thanks to all the good people (community) of Skyrim (Oblivion, Morrowind).
(i haven't played other games that are available on Nexus)

important: Credits:
i copied the credits part from Halifax0815:

if someone will use this plugin as a resource, he may feel to do so but he needs to use the credits bellow:

I have used the textures and meshes of the following modders:
New link:
Also credits to Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince and Ga-Knomboe Boy