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Distributes different swords and daggers to sharpening wheel and tanning rack animations

Permissions and credits

  • Distributes different objects to animations
    • Different swords for sharpening wheels
    • Different daggers for tanning racks
    • Vanilla and Creation Club stuff supported
  • Objects used is contextual
    • NPC blacksmiths will sharpen swords relevant to their faction
      • Markarth smiths will sharpen Dwermer swords
      • Solitude smiths will sharpen Imperial swords
      • Orcish smiths will sharpen Orcish swords
      • Etc
    • NPC blacksmiths will sharpen either sword or great sword
    • Player and NPCs use sword or dagger from their inventory
    • Player will prioritize swords with a corresponding ingot in inventory
  • No record conflicts with anything
  • ESL (it takes mere minutes to check, folks)
  • Whenever
CreditsPlease check out these wonderful patches by MelwenMods!