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This is small vanilla fix I made to give Aeta a coat. It comes with RS Children Overhaul patches and esp files you can directly use for Aeta.

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After helping convert Beasts of Tamriel, Sea of Spirits, Wild Penguins, and Rhinos of Skyrim. I've decided to get my feet wet and create my very first mod. I've created it using nothing, but vanilla assets through the 64bit Creation kit. I've created two different files for you. One for RS Children Overhaul and one for Vanilla. Choose which one you'd like to use.  There is a patch if you want to use RS Children, but still want the vanilla file encase you decide to stop using RS Children. 

Why did I create this mod?

I got really tired of Aeta not having a Skaal Coat like the other people in her village. What makes me mad is this was a very simple fix Bethesda could have done in five minutes. All I did was adjust some references in the creation kit and Fus Ro Dah! Our sweet little Aeta has a nice warm coat and boots.   
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Mod Manager
1. Download with Mod Manager and install.  
2. Just uninstall when you don't want it anymore. There are no scripts involved so it should be fine. 

If you're using RS Children Overhaul. Make sure RS Children is above RS Skaal Kid Coat Esp. 
If you've got the patch with the original mod. Make sure the patch is below RS Children and Skaal Kid Coat Esp in your load order. 


Just dropped the Esp and BSA into your data folder and you should be good to go. To uninstall just delete the BSA and Esp. 
I don't recommend the RS Children Overhaul if you're doing it manually. Instead I would just use the RS Skaal Kid Coat Esp installed. Just drop it in the data folder with RS Children and it should work. 

I tried to get another version of this mod converted, but I couldn't get a hold of the mod author. I decided to take this into my own hands and create this one from scratch. Took me a whole weekend. It was well worth the time spent to create such a nice, easy and light weight mod. I learned a few things from this and I'm very grateful I got to create it for the community. 

Skaal Kid Coat on Xbox One-

I've got this file uploaded to and it is available on Xbox one along with the RS Children Overhaul Patch. 

Recent updates- 

I've decided to add a new update for people who want options. As a modder I enjoy options of modding my game how I like. I think it should be no different for my mod. I present you with Skaal Kid Coat with Gloves files. You'll find them in the optional file section of the files I've uploaded. All they do is add Skaal Gloves to Aeta. I created a patch too for RS Children Overhaul and a direct alteration to the Skaal Kid Coat Esp for you to use RS Children Overhaul as well. For anyone who doesn't like touching the vanilla file. Just put it below RS Children and Skaal Kid Coat with gloves esp in your load order. You'll find the patches in the miscellaneous section of the file page. Enjoy! 

Skaal Kid Coat on PS4-

If you've got a PS4. You can now use this mod. You just won't be able to use the RS Children Patch as it requires the BSAs. Aeta is wearing gloves in this version due to an issue with the creation kit. I came across a problem with my mod I couldn't figure out how to fix. I'm still in the process of getting it to work correctly. It's just a limitation of the creation kit from what I can see. I gave Aeta the Skaal Kid Coat with Gloves for the users. You can find it at 


This mod is for the community of Nexus and I'm all for different translations, but please contact me first. 

Madcat221 for the original idea of this mod. 
SpikeDragonLord, Jokerine, viltuska,  for allowing me to convert there mods to Skyrim Special Edition without learning the process I couldn't have been able to create this mod. 
Ranaline and Azrael_wtf for creating RS Children Overhaul so I could create a patch from there references. 
Besthesda for giving us the tools to create mods like this. 
Nexus for having a place we can put our work. 
And finally zilav for creating SSEEdit so I could create patches and make Skaal Kid Coat work with RS Children. Without SSEEdit we'd be doomed.