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About this mod

Edits all presets of all races and adds lore-friendly Apachii hair.

There's also an option with vanilla hair, for KS Hairdo's only users or vanilla hair only users.

Permissions and credits
Please endorse the mod if you like it.

Please upload screenshots of the preset that you use and how you modify them, I would love to see what you do with them.

What this mod does
Edits all presets of all races and adds lore-friendly Apachii hair.
I tried not to copy myself but with the males it was quite hard to not to repeat and stay lore-friendly at the same time so I chose lore-friendly.
There is a version of this mod that has vanilla hair. Apachii as masters are removed. I made this version for people who want KS Hairdo's hairs only or want vanilla hair. I also made this for my Shiva's Vanilla Hair Replacer  

Orcs and Redguards have similar hairstyles, but other than that I tried to keep the repeating to similar races,
like elfs repeating hairstyles from other elfs.

I didn't edit that much for Khajiits and Argonians, just some color corrections basically and small adjustments to face features.  
Of course adding hair to the Khajiits.

Those presets that originally had warpaint have that now too, same with scars which I haven't touched.

All female screenshots are taken with Total Character Makeover, True Brows, Northborn Scars and UNP Female Body Renewal
All male screenshots are taken with Total Character Makeover, True Brows, Northborn Scars, Better Males SE, Younger Faces and Beards

Please use a bodyreplacer when using this mod! I had bodyreplacers for both males and females when I made it.
The face will look a lot better with one as you can see on the conparison pictures. MS is for Mature skin


Get ApachiiSkyHair All three main files

Extract and put the .esp and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Or just install with Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer
Remember to enable the mod!

Remove the .esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder.
Or just uninstall with Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer

It's incompatible with any other mod that edit presets, other than that it shouldn't be a problem.

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Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard)
Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard)
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SkyHide - Dont Show Headgears Since Apachii hair disappear when wearing hemlets or hats, I REALLY recommend this!

My Special Edition Mods
My Skyrim Mods

1.0: Initial Release.

Thanks to Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair